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It was a fine sunny morning. Sanika was dressed in her favourite blue dress with a tapered waist. The moment she turned to her left, she saw Pranay was standing. Without further delay, Sanika ran towards him. “Prrraannnnyyyyyyy,….!” Sanika’s piercing cry caught Pranay’s attention, he immediately turned towards her. “Prrraaannnnyyyyy, I’m here…” the piercing cry, pierced the air and it was followed by a loud thud! Which was followed by a louder, “oooouuuccchhhhh!!”. “Sa…ni….kaa…“, muttered Pranay, while trying to open his sleepy eyes and rubbing his right shoulder. Pranay started looking here and there; he realized he was not on his bed rather on floor. “Oh man! It was a dream!! Thank God!”, said Pranay in a relieved tone. He immediately got up and freshened up. But he was not at peace. 

Pranay still couldn’t forget the moment he first saw Sanika in Switzerland. The entire picture filmed before his eyes. “Is she the same Sanika, whom I had rejected some few years back?,” Pranay thought aloud. He could still visualize himself staring at Sanika in  the marketplace, who wore a pale yellow oriental printed dress, delicate and lacy with deep pleats. He also visualized how he controlled himself as he was shell shocked seeing Sanika in a grey skirted suit. She was so elegantly and formally dressed. “What an amazing transformation!! Back then, she used to dress like an unmade bed! But now her career, her accent, her fashion sense, her elegance, her persona, I..I.. mean, how on earth did she manage such a brilliant make-over! ” 

Did I make a mistake choosing Tanu over Sanika? Tanu keeps bossing over me! This marriage is nothing but,… How I hate bending before anyone! But this was not the case with Sanika. Two sugar coated words of love and there she was, in my arms. For outsiders we were power couple, but they knew very little about our actual relationship.” Pranay got up from his couch and started moving back and forth.“Has she forgotten me? Or do I still hold the same place in her heart?? If she is happily married, what is the reason of her drunken state?” Pranay asked himself in an inquiring tone. 

After nearly ten hours of sleep, Sanika woke up and was greeted by the worst hangover she ever had. She could barely manage to get herself up to a sitting position. She looked around the room but could hardly make out where she was through her semi-blurred vision. Somehow she managed to notice a note and some medicine and water kept near her bed. When she felt a bit better she reached for her phone. Sanika gasped when she saw hundred and twenty missed calls and loads of texts from Atul. “My Goodness!! Soo many missed calls! I hope Atul is fine… Did something happen to Anika and Anshul?” She got worried and was about to call Atul, when few texts caught her attention. She soon realized Pranay had got her to that room and even replied Atul’s texts and calls. 

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She buried her head in between her knees. “What will I do now? Atul and Pranay spoke to each other? How will I face Atul? What would he have deduced by now?? Ohhh noooo!!! This is gross!” Sanika was lost in thoughts and innumerable questions bombarded her mind. Just then her phone rang.  Sanika was startled by the sound of the ringtone. It was Atul!

Sanika couldn’t muster the courage to receive the phone. But somehow she managed with much difficulty. “Hello, Sanika?? How are you? Are you alright?”, Atul asked urgently in one breath. Sanika opened her mouth to answer, but she couldn’t find her voice. “Sanika?? Hello?? Are you listening to me?? Am I audible?? Sanika, will you please answer??” Atul was nearly talking at the top of his voice.

Yeah, I…I’m fi,..fine.” Sanika answered in a feeble tone.  “Aa..are you alright Atul?” Sarika nearly fumbled. “Yes!”, Atul replied in a reserved tone. 

It was followed by an eerie silence from both sides. 


6 thoughts on “FRAGILE – HANDLE WITH CARE – V

  1. You and Saak are my real story tellers. You look into the minutes of details that nobody even thinks. You search for those props which can really enhance the story giving it a realistic look to it.

    Absolutely fantastic extension.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good start.. The dream sequence puzzled me for a moment.. now that pranay is getting second thoughts it would be interesting to see how this story unfolds… nice writwup

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for giving such a beautiful extension. As Kuljit mentioned even I was taken by surprise by that dream sequence. Now that Sanika is awake the drama unfolds. Thanks for waking up Sanika 😊😍. Very beautiful, great write up, the elevation of characters at this point of story simply superb.

    Liked by 1 person

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