A Vodka, neat please” – ordered Sanika to the bartender.  She was sitting on a high chair at the bar of  Brasserie du Château. This was the most happening pub in Switzerland. The music was loud and the bar was full with young girls and boys making the best out of a Friday evening. This place was a newly found solace for Sanika ever since she briefly met Pranay last week. She thought the loud music and highly energetic crowd will keep her away from Pranay’s thoughts but little did she know that Pranay was there to stay!

Ever since last week, she was feeling extremely uneasy. Pranay would normally bring a smile on her face but what was so different this time that his mere sight just pushed her deep down into a depression she thought she had long coped with.

Three drinks down, Sanika would normally transfer in a trance where she would lose connect with her inner self and enter a land of ecstasy. She would dance till she was drop-dead tired and then head straight to her hotel room which was just a block away. All this – only to keep Pranay’s thoughts away from her. Three drinks would do the trick; after all she was only a week old drinker! But it was different today. The busy days at work and tiring nights at pub had stopped helping Sanika now.

Frustrated, she just decided to call it a day. “Check, please.”  Gestured Sanika to the waiter who arrived with the bill in no time. She swiped her credit card and pushed herself off the chair. With alcohol eating up her senses, she didn’t know where exactly she was heading to. Her legs refused to bear her weight and her head was pounding badly. Soon she felt walls closing in to her and then she passed out.

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Pranay and Sanika had been dating during college years. It was a solid relationship with the right blend of space and possessiveness between the two. While Pranay was more dominating, Sanika was pretty subdued and calm. Pranay was quite short tempered and Sanika was easy going and full of patience. They balanced each other so well. Look wise and nature wise both, they complimented each other just perfectly. This “madly in love” couple was a talk of the whole college and everybody admired their relationship. It was so different from other college time affairs which usually lasts till college gets over and at times, only until a new love is found!

But life had other plans. Pranay and Sanika had to part ways a year after they finished their MBA program. Sanika did her best to convince Pranay but he had put his foot down. Pranay had chosen his parent’s wish over his own and hence he had agreed to get married to the girl of their choice leaving Sanika devastated.

Atul had called Sanika from India for the 16th time that evening but to no avail.  Little did he know what his wife was up to!