Whenever I see a graveyard or visit one it fills me with melancholy, certain sadness, a feeling of desolation. Although, I have happily eaten stolen litchees in a graveyard under a moonlit sky, the graveyard always reminds me of the ultimate truth of life, death.  We all will die one day and no matter how rich or famous we become, how many medals we win, how well or bad we act, we end up as dust.

All that remains are memories, may be few lines on an epitaph, or if we are lucky enough, our being gets etched in the hearts of the people we have been able to impact in a special way. When I reach my end in this beautiful world I would like to be remembered in a certain way even though saying this is futile since as people, we tend to forget with time.

I want to be remembered as a good son. I don’t know how much of it I have been able to achieve it yet. I know my mom thinks I’m not so bad but my father is a little hard to please. We have come a long way but even then he always gives me a feeling I have lots to do before I impress him. I sincerely wish that they see me as a loving son, a son who had his faults, but had his heart at the right place.

I want to be remembered as an amicable friend; a friend who was always ready to have a deep conversation over a cup of tea, or join for an aimless walk towards nowhere;  a friend who was never too tired for a game of football and was always willing to join for a game; a friend who forgave and forgot instead of hanging on to petty differences; a friend who tried his best to accept the other as he or she is; a friend who always lent an ear and tried not to judge.

The above is how I want to be remembered as a son and a friend. As a person I want to be remembered as someone who loved the natural surroundings more than man-made wonders, as someone who enjoyed the simple joys of life and had a carefree soul, as someone who believed that people can still be good in this unforgiving world, as someone who held on to hope even in despair and darkness, as someone who tried to fulfill his dreams without being inconsiderate. And when I become a teacher, I wish that my students would remember me as their mentor and guide, as someone who understood them.

I don’t know if I will become all that I want to be remembered as.  My flaws would be enough for some. We can’t please everyone. I have a long way to go to be deserving of the legacy I have painted for myself. I know I will always try.

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