Here I am to contradict myself.

Yesterday, I cursed my second wife and today I am gonna say sorry to her and praise her. 😛

The first phone that I got was a blessing for me… Why? Because I could talk to my then would be wife. But that phone didn’t give me everything which my wife… I mean my second wife gave at a later part of my life. 😉

I was fascinated and exhilarated with the fact that I can do almost everything by just pressing few buttons. Being a sickly person I always find it difficult to call a taxi walking down a bit, go to a restaurant or shopping spending so much on taxis, stand in the queue for money, requesting someone to carry the money to my parents and so on. But my smart phone made everything possible. I can just sit on my bed and book a cab right from there, I can order food of my choice just sitting at my house, without spending a penny on travel, buy stuffs for myself and my wife or family right from my mobile. I can transfer money at ease to my parents. The funniest part is when I need some cash and I don’t have avenues to go to the bank except walking down, I transfer money someone else’s account and ask him to withdraw and give it to me. 😉

Wow! I am in control!

My smart phone gave me an opportunity to run a community called ‘Candles Online‘. That is the biggest thing that happened in my life. I remember, once I forgot to schedule an article and it was already time for publication. I called Aastha and Rajnandini and both were busy and were helpless. But that didn’t bother me even I was in a birthday party. Why? Because I had my second smart wife who easily helped me to do my work.

My smart phone helped me to carry my Bible everywhere. This is a Huge benefit. I always longed for buying different versions of Bibles for better study but always had felt sad thinking about the cost of them. Now, I can have them all free of cost at one spot called, “Smart Phone”.

My smart phone always comes to my help when I am extremely tired and don’t feel like using my laptop. It is handy and helps me to do some urgent work with ease on my phone.

Yesterday, my Nani wanted to see us and I told my aunt we can video chat and she can see us. I video called my aunt and my Nani can easily saw us and spoke to us.

I have been talking to many, from around the world. Actually, my smart phone gave me a platform where I can stand and address people those who are in need. It literally gave me the power to control the world around me. It is like, these smart phones are invented mainly for the people like me who makes the best use of it and keeps the world under my feet.


Using my smart phone as my servant will be safer for me. The moment I give too much attention to it, it starts dancing on my head and occupies most of my times and the consequence is a scenario about which I described yesterday. You can find it HERE.

I can conclude my article with the question which Aastha asked me after reading my yesterday’s article: “Dada, don’t you think the reason behind the chaos is not your phone but YOU?”

Stay Blessed!


  1. Silence in modernity became, over the centuries, an anachronism, even a symbol of the useless superstitions we had left behind. The smartphone revolution of the past decade can be seen in some ways simply as the final twist of this ratchet, in which those few remaining redoubts of quiet — the tiny cracks of inactivity in our lives — are being methodically filled with more stimulus and noise. And yet our need for quiet has never fully gone away, because our practical achievements, however spectacular, never quite fulfill us. They are always giving way to new wants and needs, always requiring updating or repairing, always falling short. The mania of our online lives reveals this: We keep swiping and swiping because we are never fully satisfied. … The only place like it was the library, and the silence there also pointed to something beyond it — to the learning that required time and patience, to the pursuit of truth that left practical life behind. Like the moment of silence we sometimes honor in the wake of a tragedy, the act of not speaking signals that we are responding to something deeper than the quotidian, something more profound than words can fully express.


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