Lost in his thoughts, Binoy went in the wrong direction for quite long. When he realized that he was lost – it was already a couple of kms. So, he started to trace back the way till he could reach the house that he was supposed to call home. 
He just stepped inside the house and saw Aru di and Arnav sitting in the living room totally tensed. Aru di had been crying for long, he could make out easily. 

“Where were you? You scared us so much. Where have you been my boy?” Arunima came running to Binoy and took his face in her hands. She was crying because she had been too worried. And now this relief by looking at Binoy caused an outpour. 

“I… I… I just went for a walk and lost my way. So took some time to get back. So… Soo.. Sorry!” said Binoy in a confused state of mind. He looked at Arnav and saw that something had changed. Arnav actually smiled at him. Not a pity smile but a smile that said – I understand. That confused Binoy even more. “Isn’t this man supposed to hate me? Why is he being nice to me?” 

Binoy did not say anything else but went straight to his room. He needed a plan now. A plan that would never let him get hurt. A plan where he can have the safest bet. 

“So, how should I deal with these people?” He sat down at the corner of his nice cozy bed. 

“On one hand I have this comfortable new life which has clean clothes, cozy bed and full meals. If I leave this place just like that – it would mean going back to poverty. Do I want that? No. Definitely not. I can make something of my life only when I have the basics to survive. I am nothing if I am just a slumdog. This first option is not an option at all.” 

“What if whatever Bablu said was right? What if they really throw me out one day? I will have to go back to my old street job. But that would anyways be the place to go to if I leave now. Doesn’t it make more sense to stay and live a comfortable life? Maybe save some money also, so that even if they throw me out – I can make something better than my old life. This sounds like a decent idea – Option 2.” 

“What about Bablu’s idea of stealing all their money and running away? Stealing. Stealing. No, my mother would never approve of that. She would be deeply saddened if I do that. So that option is closed, that is option 3. But amongst all this, I need to be clear that I don’t get emotionally attached to them. I will just mind my own business. So that I am not hurt if they plan to hurt me and abandon me. They are a newly married couple, they will plan to have their own kids someday. I think then would be the right time for me leave. Or else I will be very hurt when they give more love to that child than me.”

Binoy’s head was now bursting. On one hand he really liked his Aru di but on the other hand he did not want to expect too much from her because that would cause him a lot of hurt eventually. He put his head on the pillow closed his eyes and in no time – he was in a deep sleep. 

Arunima was completely taken aback. “What is wrong with Binoy? He did not seem to be himself. He did not even smile at us or try to make a conversation which is so unlike him.” She looked at Arnav who had a reassuring look on his face. She smiled to herself knowing that she finally got her husband back. But maybe she lost Binoy now. His indifference bothered her too much. Even though Arnav told her to leave Binoy alone – she went to his room. As soon as she opened the door – she saw him sleeping peacefully.

She sat down next to him and put her hands over her head. Binoy woke up with a jolt. He removed her hand and got up straight from the bed. He did not make eye to eye contact with her. 

“Is something wrong, Binoy?” 

He just looked here and there but not towards her. 

She kept her hand over his cheeks and asked again. Binoy just muttered, “No, nothing is wrong. Please leave me alone.” He did not believe that he just said that. The lady who was trying to make sure that he was not lonely – he just asked her to leave him alone. 

Arunima was hurt this time. “What did I do wrong? I am just trying to make him feel at home.” 

On the other hand, Binoy felt guilty of being so indifferent to his Aru di. But he was determined that he would stay away from her love because that would hurt him one day. 

Arunima went downstairs with tears in her eyes. Arnav looked into her eyes and just hugged her. “Just give him some time, it is a big change for him. He will need time to adjust to all this. He will be fine.”

Binoy wasn’t sleepy anymore. Lying on his bed, now one more thought kept coming to his mind – “Where did Aru di and Arnav keep their valuables?” He kept shaking his head to get rid of this thought. But it kept coming back and it angered him even more. What if Option 3 was the best for him?

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