Arnab was less than pleased to come home and find a teen now residing in his house. Granted, he was much cleaner now than when he first arrived and it looked as if his hair had been trimmed as well. He was wearing clean clothing that actually fit him and a pair of new tennis shoes. The boy, Binoy was now nose deep in a book his eyes dancing over the words he was reading.

He went in search of his wife to find her in the kitchen starting dinner and seemingly talking to herself quietly. It took him a moment to realize she was praying.

Father in Heaven,
You taught us to be kind to those less fortunate than ourselves, to show them love and understanding. I see something in this young boy, something good and true. I feel you brought this boy to my attention because he asked You for help. Please guide me in this and help my husband to understand as well. Your will be done.

Arnab left the kitchen without saying a word and went into his small office. He had become so obsessed with work and succeeding at his job that he had forgotten the simple but profound truths that his parents had raised him on. “Show those less fortunate than you, love and understanding Arnab. Always be grateful for the blessing you have and, if it’s within your power to raise up even one person in life, do so with humility.”

Arunima had heard his office door close and went to let him know that dinner was ready. She braced herself for more of her husband’s displeasure but he was unusually quiet as the three of them enjoyed the simple meal she had made.

Binoy, do you have any questions about what you read today in your history book,” she asked, the teacher in her coming out.

No ma’am…not yet anyway,” he said with a sweet smile.