Is it necessary for you to bring that lad here and keep inside our house?” Arnab asked his wife as they were sitting in the living room with their respective coffee mugs in the morning.

Now don’t start again this morning Arnab…” Retorted Arunima.

I am not starting anything Jaan… I am just asking you a simple question.” Arnab said looking at her with his head raised from reading the newspaper.

You have asked me that question for the third time from yesterday. Don’t you think we should sometimes consider people and give them a chance to live again respectfully?” Arunima tried to make her husband understand something which she had thought about in her mind since she brought Binoy to their house.

I don’t know what you are thinking Aru… but remember I don’t approve this idea of yours.” This was Arnab’s last statement before he went off to get ready for his work leaving Arunima in a bit of haze.

(Image Credit: Google Inc.)
(Image Credit: Google Inc.)

Arunima is a beautiful young woman of 29 and Arnav is a 33 years old man. They have been married for only two years and have shifted to Mumbai for last three months. Arnav is an IT professional, and Arunima is a high school teacher.

Later, when both the husband and wife left the house Binoy went to the balcony and sat on the chair looking at the busying traffic rushing through the roads down there. He was feeling ecstatic when he was picked up from the street yesterday by the most beautiful woman in his life, a saviour but he was disturbed since morning when he overheard the conversation between the couple concerning him.

(Image Credit: Google Inc.)
(Image Credit: Google Inc.)

His mind took him back to his 8th birthday. He was absolutely delighted when his mother gifted him a wristwatch. He wrapped his arms around his mom and wept in joy. But his joy was short lived as his ruthless father sold that watch off before beating his mother mercilessly for spending so much money for buying that gift instead of giving him money for a bottle of beer. He hated his father the most that day…not because he sold the watch but for beating his mother so badly. He had seen his father hitting his mother many times, but that day it was extreme.   He had given a push to his father and was beaten in return by his father. He had seen how his mother suffered all of her life till she died when he was just 10 years old. He had no alternative but to stay with him and his new found wife. He suffered more beatings and scolding every day from both his father and his stepmom. He used to cry when he was alone or sleeping on the floor alone. And when he turned fourteen, he left his house forever to be on the street. He was good in studies and he could study till 5th standard in an English medium school…all because of his mother. But after her he was not allowed to go out to school but work at his own home as a servant without any pay except just two meals a day. He started selling flowers on the road for a living. With that little money he bought some books to learn on his own as much as he can. For last three months sky was his roof, footpath was his living room, bedroom and street light was the lamp under which he used to study till he was discovered by Arunima.

Binoy thought God listened to his prayers seeing his plight and he will be happy hereafter. But he is troubled thinking whether he should stay here or not now… Will he be allowed or has to leave this place as well? He is just 14, but he understands everything at a very tender age because of the situations that he had to go through. He could make out from Arnav’s face that he doesn’t like a young lad to be there in their house. He might be the cause of a problem between both the husband and wife. So he decided he will leave the house quietly after waiting for a week or so.