Love and Friendship has a thin line. It is hard to find, hard to distinguish, and hard to keep ourselves from crossing. 

Friendship is beautiful as it has a beauty of commitment without purpose. At the same time, love, which is thin line away, has a purpose. It is hard to keep both at times. At many times, over these past few years, my mind juggled between, friendship and family, it was hard to keep rowing both boats at the same time. At times, I left the boat of friendship to sail away, knowing that it would be coming back to me even when I do not take them along. This is why friendship was more fascinating.

But for family, it was a hard toss, we toil and work harder to keep it tight aside us. Yet, even the tiniest mistake could ruin them.

A thought which disturbed me – was family so brittle to be handled? 

Being married quite earlier I was stranded between these two, friends and family. It was a stage, wherein I need to choose. But Choose between what?

A guy and a best friend- was a big trouble to a girl like me, being from a completely traditional background. My freedom of thoughts had a limited bandwidth, hence it circles in the smallest diameter, which was limited to thinking, that I was doing something wrong. Losing a friend who could understand your unspoken words and pain was terrible. A world without my best friend who was a part of me was unbearable. It broke my heart a couple of times, to walk away.

For a moment, even I decided to walk away from my family, but something hindered my steps.

Yet burdened with responsibilities and new found life, was hard. Hence losing someone you could talk to, was becoming dwindled and lost in the fury of my life.

But Life is too complicated to keep aside.

Hence, I walked away, sailing away until the best friend was unseen and unheard. I trained my mind to accept what was around me. To be on my own. As the world never understood me, it was hard to let go.

Like the sea visits many shores, I too found friends everywhere, but the mistakes repeat, loss became a part of life – unavoidable. The wounds remained fresh.

I too moved on, as the loss made me strong enough to let go things I was fond of. It was not things, or persons I need to keep by my side, but it was the memorable moments that made me, who I am now, which never could be stolen.

Discovering the very thought, brought me back to my expedition of life.

Life is short, never be upset about things that pull you back, but gain enough strength to walk with every burden on your shoulder or just let go and be free.