My pillow at night and my bathroom are two such places where I let my tears shed. But when I am all alone at home I do shed tears freely without caring being conscious. Although when I break down I can weep loud in front of all others as well. It all depends on the situation I am in and the people around me. But that’s a rarest of case. And I really feel very good when someone count all my tears…I mean, when someone values my shedding of tears. That really feels great.

I remember a Bible verse which I want to quote:

You keep track of all my sorrows.
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book.

When the Psalmist wrote this he was going through in deep distress and he cries out to the Lord. He lets God know what His character is and how He responds to his struggles.

I stopped there and thought about those two objects that have been used in the above verse, Bottle and Book. I took little time to understand about both the metaphors used here…

After understanding I thought of bringing out two very valuable applications from these metaphors – Book and Bottle for all of us to understand and apply it in our life. They are as under:

  1. Treat Tears as Facts (Book): We record facts and information in a Book/Notebook so that we read again or refer later about the same. So God records our sorrows, our tears for future reference which He will definitely going to use in some or other way for our good. I never respect those who laugh at me when I cry and weep in pain unless it’s a sibling jokes. Never say tears can be avoided. Tears explain some facts about the person who’s going through pain and we need to record them in our mind and use them for reference when we deal with a broken person. 
  1. Treat Tears Empathetically (Bottle): The idea behind the keeping of “tears in a bottle” is remembrance. We store essentials in bottles. And our tears are like those precious liquids for God who stores them in a bottle. Of course, the verse doesn’t explain bottle literally but just as metaphors for us to understand how He values other’s tears. Now, when it comes to the application part from our side then we need to know that we should value tears of others empathetically. Collecting tears in a bottle means whenever we see it in a bottle stored we will relate with it and be empathetic towards the broken hearted.

In last two occasions I shed my tears while talking to two of my very close friends over the phone. I shed tears when I heard them weeping in pain. And how am I telling you all these…? Because I had recorded and stored their tears in the book and the bottle of my heart. And I definitely know they must have done the same with my tears. And that way the bond became stronger; the confidence on each other strengthened and in future we can always help each other in the times of distress.

We had a wonderful week on the Word Prompt – TEAR and I take the privilege to conclude this topic with these two beautiful applications at our disposal.

Stay Blessed!