Oh…My beloved Tear!

You were there when I opened my eyes,

You will be there when I will close my eyes.

People came and went by,

But you my beloved always stood by.

In my utmost happiness, you were there,

When my heart ached, you were there.

Hands changed that wiped you from my face,

Yet visibly or invisibly you stayed in every phase.

No, matter what people think about me seeing you on my face,

Being my true beloved companion you have always strengthened my race.

One of the amazing things of our life is – “We learn everything that we do except shedding tears.

On my first birthday, everyone welcomed me with open arms, smiling face and joyful heart but I had no idea what was happening around me except crying, feeling the pain and communicating it through my tears! Till my 1st and 2nd birthday everything was almost in the same pace, whenever I cried everyone paid their attention, just to inquire “is everything all right with me?” and tears were almost the only way for me to communicate my pain and my emotions.

By the time I was celebrating my 10th birthday, whenever I feel down, get wounded and cried people treated me with medicines and encouraging words.  Within another 5 years, the wounds started replacing their positions from flesh to heart yet tears were there but the circle of caring people concise to family and friends. In another 3 years being a youngster, I learned to take the help of my handkerchief to hide my beloved tears and I become significant in sharing my tears with a couple of beloved friends and rarely my mom. After 22, as I become a self-dependent professional man, every time I overcome my tears in the day but in the nights my tear always overcame me.

Isn’t my story quite familiar to you?

In the midst of the fleeting of caring people and the permanence of tears, a couple of questions have always been my silent prayer.

“God, do you really care about my tear?”

“What is the value of my tear?”

God replies, (as mentioned in THE BIBLE)

“I keep track of all your sorrows.

I have collected your tears in my bottle.

I have recorded each one in my book.”

God values TEAR!