The other day we were watching the wedding video of my sister-in-law who got married recently and had a good laugh when we came across the emotional moments.  Yes, those were sentimental moments and we indeed were teary-eyed, the atmosphere was gloomy as the bride who lived with us was going to another house. We were feeling sad and we, girls particularly, were careful enough, not to smudge the make-up with our tears! But, when we saw ourselves on the screen, it was a hilarious sight. 

On my last working day at school, I was bidding adieu to everyone. One of the maids was sitting on the floor and I asked her to get up and hug me because I was leaving. The instant I hugged her, she started crying. 

Recently, I went to watch Hichki movie and as usual, in some of the scenes, tears were oozing out of my eyes. Gosh!

All of us cry, some of us just don’t shed tears. But, I do. 

When I am too happy,

I let them fall.

When I feel sad,

I let them fall.

In anger or in pain,

I let them fall.

Yes, I am a cry baby. And, the funniest part is that if I don’t shed my tears, particularly when I am very disturbed, sad or extremely angry, I feel like there’s a huge burden inside me. When I am alone, I let this burden out through the vent of eyes in the form of tears. And trust me, I feel much better after that. There’s no need to feel bad or embarrassed about it. It’s the way one is reacting to the emotions. Yeah, I am made fun of sometimes, because of the cry baby tag, but I am like this only. And there’s nothing wrong if I can’t suppress my feelings. So, rather than curbing the volcano inside me, I just let my tears fall!