The silent tears of a heart torn apart often stir the soul than many an uttered word.

Ever observed the tear of a mother sending her son into the Armed Forces to safeguard the nation – proud, yet fearful? Ever observed the tear of a young widow by the casket of her beloved husband, her world ripped apart? Ever observed the tears of a sick and ailing helpless man unable to fend for himself or his family – wallowing in abject poverty? Ever observed the tears that wet the pillows of lovers unable to break societal barriers and bring their love to its desired destination?

The welcome tears of the cry that tear across the din of the hospital wards and the anxious hearts of to-be-parents and relatives, marks the beginning of our tryst with tears. And life’s unending travails make sure that the lacrimal gland functions to its optimum potential amidst situations both joyful and sad.

It is a hard heart that doesn’t shed a tear when the circumstance so demands. ‘Boys don’t cry’ is the opinion of a culture that shuts the doorway of normal expression of intense feelings, so much so that generations become insensitive and rigid to their own biological make-up. And such a thought makes ‘cry-babies’ of girls/women, who give vent to their emotions through harmless streams of tears.

I once heard someone say – ‘Men are men only if they are aggressive; and women are women only when they know how to cry’. I pity the lack of understanding of human emotions this person had! Men of character, all through history are men who have known how to shed a tear. The inability to shed tears is not a test of manliness!

Without getting into gender battles on this ground, it is the need of the hour to be sensitive and sensitize each one to the tears of others.

Tear down the dogmas that bring tears in the eyes of others. Sometime back, I watched a horrific video of some upper caste women stripping two lower caste women naked in front of fellow villagers, tying their hair to each other’s and kicking them. The crime? The two women had taken water from the place belonging to the upper caste people because there was no water in their area! Broods of brutes were watching and filming the episode, but for a long time no one had the sense and sensitivity to step in and raise their voices, till the authorities were informed. The tears of the two women had no effect on the crowd! How those two women sighed later that – dying of thirst would have perhaps been more honourable than quenching our thirst at the cost of such humiliation which is worse than death itself! If your dogmas cause misery to others and bring painful tears to their eyes, tear down those dogmas.

Tear across dividing lines to spring open oases of joy in parched hearts. Nothing ever can stop you from making your way into human hearts that yearn for showers of love, care and tenderness. All that is needed is the desire to look beyond – to look beyond ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘my’ and ‘mine’. Wipe someone’s tears before you think about yours. Provide for someone before you worry about your wants. Look for opportunities, look for aching hearts, look for ailing people, look for lonely ones – and you’ll be surprised how less painful your aches will be and how less lonely you will feel. Sensitize yourself to look beyond the dividing lines – to venture into less trodden territories.

Let’s do our bit. Will my sensitivity change the world? It may not. But, tiny drops of water make mighty oceans. The ripple effect which your and my sensitivity will create will help wipe the tears from many eyes. We cannot create heaven on earth, though our hearts so much long for it. However till we experience heaven in reality, let us open its gateway for ourselves and for others in planet earth.

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” – The Bible

This is the promise of Heaven!