Connectivity today is certainly hyped. Thanks to the numerous mediums of connectivity like social media, personal messengers like WhatsApp, Skype, and our very own mobile phones. While lot of debate goes on everyday every moment whether connectivity is a boon or a bane, I would say it is neither of it. Connectivity is a double edged sword. Whether it is beneficial or not depends on how and how often you use it.

Over utilisation of of connectivity is widely talked about. We all see so many examples of the same in our daily life. Like, a nagging spouse demanding update of every hour of the day, Public Display of Affection (PDA) over Facebook, numerous cyber crimes like bank thefts, identity thefts etc. All of us are now aware and educated about how to use connectivity optimally. Hence, today rather than stressing on negatives of connectivity I am going to share examples of how beneficial the connectivity can be.

My mother missed me a lot after i got married. She would call me everyday to check on me. Its natural right? Once the daughters get married and move to their husband’s home parents life is filled with a void. And there would be no mum in this world who will not worry about her children no matter how old they grow. Same was the case with my mother. While i understood her concern and how badly she missed me i couldn’t talk to her freely. If she called me when I was in office, I couldn’t talk for more than 5 mins because work kept me busy. If she called me while I was travelling she couldn’t hear me well. Thanks to the maddening and noisy traffic of Mumbai. If she called me when I was at home I couldn’t talk to her freely because of the fear of being judged if someone from my new family overheard our conversation. A few years passed by and this wonderdul app called as WhatsApp popularised. My mom is a ZERO when it comes to modern technology. But I taught her how to use WhatsApp for chatting. I bought a smartphone for her which she was reluctant to use at first but eventually she did because I insisted on that. Soon she mastered the art of chatting. Since then we have never missed on communicating daily. We text and revert to each other at our convenient time of the day and thus stay connected. Of course, we do not miss any chance to pickup the phone and make that personal call but now at least we do not miss each other or worry about each other as much as before. WhatsApp ensures that we are updated on each other’s routine activities.

Another classic example of connectivity in my case is how I stay in touch with my husband when I leave from office later than midnight. I book Ola or Uber and share route details with my husband. He tracks the ride via GPS till the time I reach home. Once the driver wanted to refill gas so we halted at a gas station which was approximately 4 kms away from my house. 3 cabs had queued up before our cab and thus we had to wait for about 15 mins. Immediately my husband called up to check why the cab isn’t moving from a spot where there is no much traffic as per Google Maps. He was relieved to know that I am safe.

Thus, in my case connectivity ensures peace of mind to my husband and my mom. Sometimes they do trouble me by checking on me more than required but I discount this behaviour because I understand their concern and love towards me.

Utilisation of connectivity is in our hands. If we ensure that we do not over utilise it or use it in a wrong way it is certainly extremely useful and essential attribute of human need. Be wise, take connectivity in your own stride.

Thank you for reading stay connected 😜


  1. Everyone is engrossed with internet yet everyone talked bad about it… But you spoke the good thing about being connected. Very well written, short and sweet article, Aditi. We all know what we have to do yet we use things negatively and talk against it.

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