“Now what?”, snapped Rishi. “Till now the going has been smooth. But with exams soon approaching, I don’t want to be a part of all this anymore. This doesn’t seem to be getting over anytime soon.”

“So smart of you! You walk in to the party and have your slice of the cake and walk out irrespective of whether others have a bite for themselves or not. So . . . so . . . selfish! That Miss Dumbie Tanya was right about you – mean is what your nature is. Disgusting . . . Huhh!”, Aditi retorted in a single breath.

“Guys, lets plan for the next turn of events quickly. And you two, better stop this infighting. This would give us away. United we stand, divided we fall,” chipped in Priya.

Rishi, Aditi and Priya were having a video conferencing chat from their homes.

Tanya had taken the day off. The events of the last few days had created a slushy mesh in her mind. After her conversation with her mother that morning, she saw her mother’s gentle side – a mother’s concerned heart, which she had not seen earlier. Or may be her mother had never shown earlier, busy that she was with her own life.

She regretted allowing the fleeting emotions of teenage to drive her feelings to an utter mess. How easily had she played into the hands of someone – the one she only knew as her secret admirer! And how easily, had she gone on that blind date! The thought of it all sent a shudder down her spine.

“How to get out of all this now?”, she said aloud. “With whom shall I share this stupidity of mine? Mom may be the right person. But, she will remind me of this idiocy of mine constantly in the days ahead. I can’t think of anyone . . . I feel as if my brain will burst out of my head. What to do? Oh God!!”

God . . .oh yes . . .God! He can help me. No way that He would pester me with this episode after all this is over. He won’t judge me as Mom may. It will be easier telling Him because He has been a silent witness to it all, already – thought Tanya.

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So thinking, Tanya sat up from her reclining position. Knowing that there was no one in the house that time, she took the liberty of talking out aloud to God. “Dear God, well, I haven’t trusted you much. But, now I am in a situation in which I need your help. Please don’t refuse. Please help me find out who my secret admirer is and what this Aditi girl is upto. I am really really confused and I can’t sort this out on my own. Umm…yes, I am sorry I didn’t think to seek your guidance before. But, now please help me out.”

Tanya stretched her arms and legs and got down from the bed. She turned the Music Player ON and thought to sweat herself out on a few aerobic numbers before heading for  a shower.

“You were the one so very desperate to bag the first position and somehow beat Tanya – the unbeatable. And now that you think she is distracted enough not to be able to focus well on the upcoming exam, you want out! Your goal is on the way to be achieved, so it seems . . . But, ours is not yet achieved. So hear it well Rishi, you have no choice. You cannot back out now. You better not!,” said Aditi with a menacing threat sharply evident in her tone.