Tanya was a lot worried now. She knew the Aditi was capable of doing a lot of things and she does have an evil mind.

“If what I am thinking is true, then I better be careful of Aditi. I might be the next one she decides to hurt. But why? Why is Aditi doing all this?”

Tanya’s head was bursting now and she knew that she needed some help. She cannot handle all this alone. But who can she trust now? Aditi her bestie is probably a major suspect in all this. Few hours back when Aditi was here, Tanya did notice her evil smile and content look. Even if Aditi wasn’t the one responsible for breaking Rishi’s hand – why was she so happy about it? Is the story much more convoluted then it already looks like.

Tanya looked at her reflection in mirror and she was shocked at her reflection. She looked like hell. All this stress had taken a toll on her health. And to add to it she hasn’t been able to study a bit for her upcoming exams. “I need to focus! I don’t need anybody. For a few days, I won’t go to college. Let everybody go to hell – Aditi, Rishi, Priya, secret admirer. I will declare that I am sick with something and stay at home. That will help me stay away from this mystery and I could focus on my studies.” Thought Tanya with determination.

Next day morning she slept almost till 9. Her mother had come and woken her up multiple times but she made up an excuse of upset stomach and convinced her mom that she cannot go to college.

At 9:15 am her mother came into the room for the 4th time. “I told you mom a hundredth time that I want to stay at home. Can’t you understand? Please leave me alone.” Shouted Tanya with tears in her eyes.

Her mom smiled and without a reaction came and sat down beside Tanya. She placed her hand on Tanya’s head and kissed her gently on her forehead. “I know something is troubling you intensely. You are at a delicate age and things can be too overwhelming at this time. If you don’t have anybody to share your thoughts with – then consider me. I am your mother but I can assure you that I will listen to you as a friend.”

Tanya looked at her mom with an utter surprise. “Mom, you can never be my friend. You will judge me and scold me. You are always like that. I am not a perfect person and you expect me to be. There is a lot of pressure on me and I cannot handle it. You are not my friend so don’t try to be.” Tanya snorted and she felt a bit guilty at talking to her mom this way when she saw her eyes.

Tanya saw a rising anger in her mom’s eyes but it immediately softened which surprised Tanya.

“It is fine if you don’t want to share. But if you need a shoulder to cry and somebody to hold you now – I can be that pillar.” Said Tanya’s mom in a soft voice.

Tanya was irritated “Just leave, Mom. I don’t have time for your lecture.” This time Tanya did not look into her mom’s eyes but she knew that she had hurt her.

Mom got up to leave but she left a small note in Tanya’s hand. Tanya was surprised at mom giving her something written.

As soon as mom left, Tanya opened the note and it said – “Whatever it is remember it shall Pass. Someday you will remember this incident as a joke. You don’t know how my life was when I was your age. I had messed up big time and got into big troubles. I don’t know what is pulling you down but I know my Tanya is really strong to overcome any challenge in life. She is not a girl who will hide her tears beneath a blanket, hidden in a room. She is the one who goes out and fight with all her will and courage for what she considers right.”

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Tanya was crying bitterly now. She ran outside and hugged her mom. She kept her head in mom’s lap and cried her heart out for a long time. Her mom’s hand on her head felt like a shield she just needed now. The assurance in her mom’s eyes was the strength that Tanya needed now. Tanya’s mom just held her for a long time till all of her tears had dried up and she felt much lighter. It was such a strong connection that Tanya felt with her mom, a connection that she could not feel with best of her friends. “Maybe I should tell mom everything. Or maybe not, she might just freak out. Did she say that she too messed up big time at this age, but who knows my mess up is bigger or smaller than hers? She will judge me or get worried about me. Let me not tell her anything.” Thought Tanya debating in her head.

With these thoughts Tanya lifted her head from mom’s lap. Mom was still smiling with tears in her eyes. “You know what Tanya, sometimes experience matters. I know the world better than you just because I have spent more time living than you. Be my friend for once and trust me – I will not be a judging scolding mother for this one case.”

Tanya was confused – “What should I tell mom? How much should I tell mom? Will she put restrictions on car usage if I tell her that I went for blind date?” After few moments, Tanya asked “Is it ok if I think about it for some time and then decide whether to share with you or not?”

“Absolutely. I am right here till 4 pm and after that I am going out with my friends for a movie. So take your time.” Said Mom still with a caring smile.

Tanya entered her room feeling much lighter in her head. It seemed that a big burden was off her shoulders. She suddenly felt energetic and ready to take on the world. She still did not know why Aditi would do all this to her, but she knew that however bad the situation is – she can handle it.

5 thoughts on “COMING OF AGE – XI

  1. Absolutely fantastic extension… You projected only one scene with super emotional and in detail. It was actually necessary because family values are also supposed to be projected in our story relays…


  2. Amazingly portrayed Prabhjot… Loved the connect between mother and daughter.. I think we all have gone thru such a phase when we don’t know how much to tell our parents lest they start freaking out..

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