Tanya was trying hard to focus on her studies but her mind was wandering elsewhere. While she knew that she needed to study hard for the upcoming exams she couldn’t help but think about how her life had changed ever since she had met Sameer.

The events from last few days were running in her mind like a movie. A beautiful girl falling for a secret admirer through the letters they exchanged and then they decide to meet one fine day. A perfect plot for a romantic movie, isn’t it? But Tanya’s story was no more romantic. Her secret admirer had turned out to be a peon with pan stained teeth. Tanya threw her book out of frustration. She couldn’t believe that someone as stupid as Sameer had made a fool of her. Tears started streaming down her cheeks and her room filled with her sobs.

It took some time for Tanya to calm down. She got up, washed her face and decided to start studying again. After all, she had to beat her academic rival Rishi.  With great determination she bent down to pick up the book she had thrown some time back and she froze to see a white envelope. She had totally forgotten that earlier in the day she had picked the white envelope and when she was about to tear it she saw Rishi approaching her so she had no other option than hiding the letter quickly in the book.

Tanya was contemplating whether to read the letter or not. She was scared about how much more details Sameer knows about her. It is what it is, she thought and geared up to read the letter. With shaky hands she opened up the white envelope and removed the letter from it. The paper was same like all the earlier letters – light pink in color and scented. How she had loved this fragrance, only until she met Sameer. While Tanya slowly unfolded the pink paper, she felt like her heart will leap into her mouth.

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The letter read:

“Dear Tanya,

Hope you read this letter unlike last few which you just tore off and threw in the dustbin. I am worried for you dear. Someone close to you is going to stab you in the back. I wish you had met me that day and I would have told you everything. Letter is not a safe medium to share such important information. I request you once again Tanya, please meet me, please! I care for you and I want to safeguard you from all the devils around you.

For now, I can just tell you that your best friend can hurt you ten times more than your enemy. Please be wise Tanya and look beyond the masks of friendship.

Love you dear, hope to meet you soon.”

Tanya couldn’t believe what she had read. So many thoughts crowded her mind. What did the secret admirer mean? Which friend was going to stab her in the back? Aditi? How is it possible? How does secret admirer know that she had torn off last few letters? From all these thoughts, the only thought that comforted her was that the secret admirer was still waiting to meet her which means Sameer was not the secret admirer! Whoa… what a relief!

Now things started making sense. Tanya realized that she had never shared her residence details or her car details with the secret admirer and even then the white car had followed her to the Family Kingdom. How? If Sameer was the peon from her college how did she never spot him ever before and after her meeting? Why did Aditi insist on tearing off the letters from the secret admirer? Did she want to ensure that Tanya never finds out the truth? Why? All these thoughts were pounding in her head and Tanya failed to understand when she fell asleep.