Sigh. Another awful day. Things never seem to go right for her. She believed that she was probably born at an inauspicious moment. Timing, it’s all about the timing. The right timing can change a person’s life for the better, wrong timing can ruin it forever. She really wanted this to be right; perfect. But this day was turning out to be a nightmare.

Tanya removed the plug of the ironing machine and stared at her favourite black skirt which was now half burnt. Her mom came in. Wrong timing, again. “Do you realise how costly this was? I don’t understand when will you learn to value things.” She went on. Tanya was already stressed, she didn’t have much energy to argue so she mumbled her apology and went out for a walk.

Tanya was a smart girl who had turned 18, two months ago. She had chestnut brown hair with blonde highlights. It lay on her shoulders like a waterfall flowing mildly. The breeze blew through her curls, as she sat on the park bench, quietly; alone. The songs playing through her earphones were downbeat, gloomy ballads. Her mother perceived music solely as a mood boosting indulgence and she could never disagree with her more. She would listen to songs with sombre lyrics to find comfort in someone who was also sad and would listen to upbeat music when she wanted to supplement her happiness. Music was never a mood changer for her; it was always her mood companion. Some days, just like this one, she knew only her mood companion understood her.

Of course she knew that the skirt was costly, she saved quite a lot to buy it. Tanya had a not-so-friendly bond with her parents. Her parents did love her, but showed it materialistically. Her elder brother, who was a child prodigy, got all the real love. In the crave of real love, she had failed relationships in the past. Last week, she found a letter on her desk addressed to her by her secret admirer. It was a very cute letter. Since then, Tanya and her secret admirer had been communicating through letters. At the end of every day, she would leave her letter on the last desk and take the one he leaves for her. It was definitely old school, but that was typical Tanya. She was not like the other kids. Her admirer was an amazing writer. He takes the thread of the words in a way everything seems beautiful to the reader, he basically wove love with words.

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Today is the day, she is supposed to meet him for the first time and now she has nothing to wear. She hurried home and emptied her closet on the bed. After rummaging through her clothes, she finally picked out two outfits. The little black dress and the blue halter dress. She finalised the latter as the former was quite common and she wanted to look gorgeous. She took a quick shower and got ready for the date. She couldn’t stop smiling as she looked in the mirror, this admirer of hers was very special to her. She really wanted this to work out. While her friends would only consider the finest looking men, she sought the one with the kindest heart and who knows, maybe he will turn out to be beauty with brains. Taking one last look at herself from head to toe, she headed out.

Quote of the Day

Dreams, determination and discipline make an unbeatable combination for success.


(Inspired by: The 3 D’s of Success )