Identify the drains in your life

Emotionally: I am done!

Mentally: I am drained!

Spiritually:  I am dead!

Physically: I smile!

Look around you there are so many people going around with a smile plastered on their face but actually they are stuck in an emotionally draining situation. More often than not we don’t even realise that we are stuck in an emotionally draining situation. We just keep going through it till it’s too late.

Take for example the case of Ankita. She was a home maker living a happy life with her husband and two kids. She had a friend Suchita who was unable to have children. Ankita always thought that she was showing empathy to her friend and offering a shoulder to cry on but slowly she realised that Suchita was so full of bitterness, she had issues with her husband, mom-in-law, boss or society in general and after every interaction with her, Ankita herself was emotionally disturbed for a long time. And eventually she ended up fighting with her husband or shouting at her children. The whole atmosphere in her house turned negative. Eventually Ankita had to let go of this emotionally draining friendship. But it took a long time for her to identify the issue.

Sudhir was a manager in a big MNC. When he bagged this new job he thought he had finally made it to the big league. He put his heart and soul into the job and hoped for a good increment and promotions in the coming years. His new boss was a perfectionist. He himself was a workaholic and expected his team to be the same. Office work winding up past midnight. On slightest pretext making the whole team do the work all over again. Shouting, passing negative comments on all team members. All this had become the norm. Sudhir really worked hard to please the new boss with his work but it never happened. He was never satisfied. On the contrary Sudhir started losing confidence in himself. He slowly started believing that he was good for nothing. If he himself was not happy there was an emotional drain on his whole family too. With the help of his family he realised that this emotionally draining job was behind all the unhappiness in his life. Thankfully he left the job before he reached his breaking point.

This happens especially to people who are more sensitive to others emotions. 

The earlier we recognise that we are stuck in an emotionally draining situation like a relationship or a job or school, the easier it is to get out of it. 

So if you feel that suddenly you have 

A lack of zeal of life

A defeatist mental attitude

Bouts of fitful sleep

Creativity and imagination disappearing

Work that routinely excited you has suddenly become too dull to even contemplate

Then you are definitely dealing with emotional stress or emotional drain or emotional exhaustion.

How to get out of this situation? Look around you. 

Identify the cause and try to distance yourself from it. 

Try to put yourself first. You need to start thinking about yourself, find out what makes you happy and pursue your dreams.

You can’t change other people and how they think, but try to change how you react to them and how you communicate with people around you.

Find your strength. Try to break through your limitations.

Identify the drain in your life and try to distance yourself from it.

Quote of the day

Persistence like river can make us break through mountain like difficulties in life.