Emotionally draining condition brings us to a big Zero. It simply shuts us down of our creativity. It literally makes us to be like a machine which works on a routine basis without any consciousness. It reduces our productivity at work, declines our enthusiasm to interact with people and makes us extremely irritable and loud. We become sensitive for small things… And the irony is when it’s about someone close to us like our children or spouses then we can’t follow the first advice of Rajnandini who asked us to stay away from the persons who are stressors in our life.

Often people we love can drain us the most. Our partners do it unintentionally probably, but life’s demands add up. When at the end of a long day he or she comes home in a negative mood or is needy and imperious. Then the draining behavior may go beyond this where they become aggressive or hurtful.

I get drained out emotionally when the following things happen to me on a regular basis:

Forced Listener: Sometimes when I am very tired yet I have to listen to the problem of others I feel like being forced to listen and I get drained out emotionally. I do consider my loved ones and listen to them even I don’t feel like but that happens only to certain extent and when I lose patience I get angry or frustrated. I can say when people are insensitive to my need I feel drained out.

Complaint Box: Some people are never satisfied. They have all the complaints ready to throw at me, asking me to find a solution. That gets on my nerves. I am a person who’s very content with everything that I have or I don’t have and I get irritated when I don’t see that in people but simply murmuring and grumbling for everything.

Repeat & Repeat: I hate when someone repeats one thing again and again. Repeating one thing many times indicates three things about them: they don’t trust my ability and they are self obsessed.

Taunting Words: Making jokes are fine. Everyone laughed at a joke on me, I laughed too and we had a pleasure time. But when the taunting words are knowingly aimed at me to accuse me of something which is not right about me or it is done intentionally in the public then I get really hyper and I get drained out emotionally.

Problems in Relationships: This actually drains me a lot. I love all my relationships and my friends. If something happens between me and my friends or loved ones I get very drained emotionally. It might be my face to face relationships or virtual relationships that I keep with many.

Strangely financial problems, normal sicknesses or negative life situations really don’t drain me out much emotionally as in case of other people but all the above factors that I described are really the causes of emotional drain out in me.

It is really necessary for us to understand the time we go through these emotional draining out phases which many times we don’t tend to recognise these symptoms and feel that we are just tired, sleep can be just the remedy. We keep avoiding these feelings knowingly or unknowingly and ultimately when we come till the brink of it we suffer heavily. So it is necessary to identify the signs of Emotional Draining Out. I have pointed out few as under:

  1. Irritability and Anger are most common in the people going through emotional drain out. They are usually loud when they present the cause of their irritation.
  2. Incessant Fatigue is the first symptom of emotional drain out. It is something more than just normal tiredness. It doesn’t go with timely rest or sleep.
  3. Sleeplessness added to fatigue can be a horrible experience. I have this experience personally. I will have ample amount of sleep in my eyes yet my eyes are wide open for 2 or 3 hours continuously.
  4. Sense of Detachment and Disinterest are also the signs of Emotional Drain Out. People suffering might feel de-motivated or loss of interest and involvement in life’s different avenues.
  5. Crying Spells are very common when we are emotional drained. People suffering with this easily tend to cry for even petty issues.
  6. Physical Indicators like palpitations or sudden heart rate increase is a very common sign of emotional drain out. Apart from this gastritis and body pain are also the symptoms of emotional drain out.
  7. Hopelessness is a dangerous state because once hopelessness sets in the person might will either resign from life or do things that are not approved in everyone’s eyes or society.

Be careful, if you are finding these signs and symptoms are shown evidently. Please get help and DO NOT IGNORE or else you might not be able to find your way back on your own.

Now, you might ask ‘How then do we handle such emotionally stressful and draining events?’ And in that case I would suggest to click on that question itself which will take you to the article where Rajnandini has beautifully explained how to go about it.

Stay Blessed!


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