You know that feeling, where you just feel nothing at all? Numbness. Not happiness, not sadness can be felt. Cold veins and an absent heart. It’s literally hard to think… let alone have any thoughts on anything going on. You just can’t concentrate. Like someone’s unplugged your thoughts from current life and all your emotions have just drained out. Emotionally drained???

The greatest gift that God gave us while fashioning us, was the gift of emotions. As human beings, we do come to situations everyday wherein we show emotions. It varies as per our situation but it affects us in a big way.

The other day, while sitting in my Out Patient Department I encountered a patient with Abdominal Trauma. The man was bleeding from a wound in the abdomen. When I examined him, I discovered that the wound was penetrating in nature and his abdominal contents were going to come out. I explained to his relatives that he needed emergency surgery, if we are to save him. He was not ready for the same and wanted just medications. Thinking, perhaps that he has a money problem, I also assured him if a good concession but he remained unmoved. It frustrated me to an unreasonable limit and I got angry. In anger, I referred him and walked home. At home, the anger spilled over to my maid, who I thought wasn’t cleaning the floor well. She got in turn angry and threatened to leave her job and walked home and then I got scolded by my wife for shooing away the maid. Nothing worked for me. My world suddenly turned upside down and that too, as per my thinking without my fault. That night, I sat and analysed the situation and came to a conclusion that because I was too emotional, the eventual emotional drain happened.

The incident taught me several lessons of vital importance:

1. Always being emotional is good but everyday we need to ask God to control it for us. Only then can we manage not to enter that dirty drain. To be drained emotionally is then equable with leading a Godfree life. That is unacceptable if we are to stay in sanity.

2. I n our emotional status, we need to not hurt others or for that matter ourselves. When we are emotionally down, we need to calm ourselves down. I could have avoided an altercation with the patient. It actually would have helped me find a better way out to treat him. Helped me also to understand his status better. How is that possible? It’s only possible when we have good friends and well wishers around. They would understand us better and help us out.

3. Emotions can get the better of us when we allow to linger on it longer than usual. We need to break the emotional chain as I call it. The Bible says, A cheerful heart is a good offering but a downcast spirit dries up the bones”.

Friends! When you are drain out emotionally RUN TO GOD, SHARE WITH CLOSE-ONES and STOP LINGERING.