When things go wrong, it is very convenient to blame someone else for that. And we do the same when life puts us in a difficult situation. Today I am going to share something about myself, my life. I am going to share how did I reach the other side of the blame.

It wasn’t long ago that my life was a mess. I had switched to a new job – a very well paying one. But little did I know that I was in a wrong place. People over there weren’t good humans, or so I thought. My immediate boss was keen to insult me and put me down even for smallest errors and made derogatory remarks and a colleague was more than officially interested in me. This person made sure that he does his best to spoil my relationship with my husband in one way or the other. And unfortunately, he had succeeded to a great extent. My husband and I started having petty fights over office issues which gradually turned into bigger fights. My world had come crashing down. In all this hardship, I suffered two miscarriages. I was ruined on the personal as well as professional front. I choose not to describe my situation further because thankfully the worst is over now and the negativity from the past need not be remembered.
I felt like I had fallen in a deep and dark pothole and there was no way to escape. I cribbed and cried and blamed God to put me in such a difficult situation. I turned into a negative person, a bad soul. You couldn’t call me anything better because I had dared to hold the Almighty responsible for my pathetic and disgusting state. I had concluded that it is my destiny and I cannot help the wrongdoing happening around me.
But as kind as God is, He showed me a way. I happened to read a book called “The Laws of The Spirit World”. Not sure how many of you have read or even heard about it but let me tell you, it is a great book, very enlightening! This book initiated my spiritual journey. And the first step was to look within. This book taught me that I am the creator of my life (the way I live). I am the reason to all the consequences. All the incorrect things that were happening to me were the result of my own actions. It also taught me that the people who trouble you are merely a medium to make you go through the suffering you have created for yourself because of your choices and actions. God is not responsible for it. He doesn’t do bad things for you! You cannot blame Him but can ask Him to rescue from your difficult life.
Never blame others for the things that happen in you life. You can change anytime you want to. Most people are weak because they choose to be.
Those who believe in destiny lead their life as though they are powerless. They feel no matter what they do, “what has to happen will happen”. This is not the right way of thinking as the future circumstances depend on your present actions. 
The above extract from this book was an eye-opener. When the message sank in completely, I could dare to take that first step towards owning my mistakes and not blaming anyone else for it.
Yes, it was my mistake that probably I had unknowingly encouraged that guy to enter my personal life. I could have drawn the line but I failed. Had I not failed to do so, perhaps he would have never dared to go to the extent he did.
Yes, it was my mistake that I let my boss ridicule me for everything. I could have taken this up with the super boss or HR at the right time, but I didn’t. Instead I pitied myself and tried to seek comfort in self sympathizing.
Your life is what you make it. So don’t blame others when you screw up. If your face is ugly, you cannot blame the mirror. When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you learn that everything springs from only yourself, you will learn both, peace and joy. 
This little amount of knowledge gave me enough strength to walk on the right path. I gave up that job which cost me a lot on the financial front but peace of mind and love of my husband was my priority. I learnt to face that demon who wanted to separate me from my husband. It definitely sounds easier than done. And all this courage came to me only after I stopped blaming God and destiny, only after I learnt to own my mistakes.
Today, I stand on the other side of the blame. I have a better job than before in all aspects. My career is flourishing. The demon doesn’t bother me any more. And most importantly, my relationship with my husband has grown stronger than ever. Now I am sure that come what may, he will always stand by my side and no Tom, Dick and Harry shall be able to break our relationship. The most wonderful thing has happened to us. Our baby!
It took immense courage to accept my faults and accept that feeling that I have really erred so much in the past that it justifies the testing and trial that I was put through. I can’t thank God enough to hold my hand and make me walk on the right path.
I am not sure how many of you will relate to this. But what you give comes back to you. Hence be good, do good. Never blame anybody for your failure. Instead look within, chances are God may let you find answers yourself.

Quote of the day

When you are at the top, don’t forget the path you came across till that height.