Anger washed away in the rain along with any obligations. Sagar could see he had been a real fool carrying someone else’s garbage for so long. He couldn’t undo what has already been done but he could definitely do some right.

He knew he will fall short of words if he met Samar in-person and was unsure of what he should do.

Next morning, he saw his mother wrapping chocolates; it was the same chocolate his brother dearly loved before he left the house. He knew, she is going to meet Samar.

Who are you wrapping these for?” Sagar inquired

Oh! Nothing, it’s our neighbors grand-son’s birthday party, we are going to attend that

After a long pause, Sagar replied “Let me do it, while you make coffee for me, Will you Mother?”

Yes, ofcourse son.”

Years after Sagar, was making a conversation with his mother, she was delighted and immediately got up handing over the wrapping paper to Sagar.

Sagar took a pen and paper and started to write,

Dear Big Brother,

Thank you for teaching me at a young age that I’m not the only one that matters. You’ve always given me the reality check I needed the most!

Whether it’s been to share the TV remote with the whole family or when I would act a little self-absorbed, you’ve always told me to get my head straight and think about the bigger picture.

You could so easily just tell me I was wrong and you also knew how to pick me, sometimes by consoling and sometimes by teasing me and making me laugh. If someone hurt me or even said something remotely hurtful, I knew you were there to defend me in a second.

And while I’m thanking you, I should probably apologize for everything I put you through.

I never was able to express this to you, and will never be able to after what happened that eventful day. Something in me died when I heard the word ‘step brother’, I felt betrayed, furious, doubtful but most of all I was deeply saddened of the thought of not being your own ‘brother’. I felt someone just snatched away the dearest part of what I had, of what was my ‘own’.

It is hard living up to the expectations that mom and dad have because you set them, but I also don’t mind because that means I have a really amazing older brother to be proud of and to look up to.

But I want to tell you something, something that I haven’t told that day, something I never told anyone. It’s a secret locked deep inside my heart since years.

Can we meet?


Sagar neatly folded the letter and wrapped it with chocolates.

Ruma came smiling with a cup of coffee and  Sagar handed over the wrapped gift to Ruma.

(Image Credit: Google Inc.)

14 thoughts on “THE ROAD TO HOME – IX

  1. Five more parts are still left… and this part of Ashrita made things quite close to the climax… And that might be a problem but I trust on three of my ace story tellers who can add some interesting scenarios before the climax.

    Resolving the emotional detachments between an angry son and a helpless mom for years was the highlight of this part by my dearie dentist. And also resolving the issue Sagar himself going through within himself… The letter was so emotional… Excellent!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Chiradeep😊 I am looking forward to the other parts and the climax, I thought it would be interesting to read further write ups from this angle on when the emotional turmoil of Sagar is dealt with.

      Liked by 1 person

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