Ruma stood rooted to the spot. An avalanche of emotions going through her. “How many times.  Oh! How many times had she imagined this very moment in her life.” “How she had longed for it. How she had prayed for it. Just one signal from God telling her that her son was alive and well.”

She clutched the flowers to her bosom. Just one sentence going round and round in her mind “I want to see you Mom“. “Samar … It was Samar’s handwriting. My son Samar. He has reached out to me. He wants to meet me. It means he has forgiven me.

Amish wondered who was at the door. Ruma had gone to open the door and not come back yet. Her tea has also gone cold. “Age is catching up with you Ruma. You are becoming forgetful. Where have you gone leaving your tea with me?“, he teasingly called out to her. Not getting any response he got up slowly and went in search of her.

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One look at Ruma and Amish realised something was very wrong. She stood like a statue and tears were flowing down her face. He saw the flowers and note in her hand. Amish read the note and was very relieved. “Thank God Samar is ok.” That was the first thought in his mind. He always had such a huge guilt feeling that he could not stop Samar from leaving the house. Amish had spent many a sleepless night reliving that fateful Sunday and wondering that maybe he could have avoided this outcome. He should have handled it better. But as they say there is no use crying over split milk.

Amish and Ruma both sat on the sofa. Their mind in turmoil. Ruma was ecstatic that Samar had contacted her. Amish was also happy but he was also worried. The confrontation between the brothers 10 years ago had shaken the very core of their happy family. It took a very long time for them to bring back semblance of normalcy in their life. He was scared that the status quo was about to be shaken again.

Their mind kept going back to that fateful day when Sagar had come home all bloodied. And had blurted out the secret that they had kept from their children for so long. “How could I tell them that they were step brothers when they loved each other so much? How could I tell Samar what kind of a monster his real father was?” Ruma thought. Ruma and Amish had decided very early on that they would never let the children know the truth about their birth. They had genuinely thought that they were shielding them from heart break. Never in their wildest dreams had they imagined that the boys would come to know about it in such a way. Or that the outcome could be so horrendous.

On discovering that Samar had left home they had been so frantic. Amish had run around the whole town searching for him. Police had tried their level best. Friends and family also pitched in but it was as though Samar had vanished into thin air. At the back of their mind there was always a fear whether Samar was alive or not.

Life was never the same again. When Samar walked out of the house it was as though he took the happiness and laughter of the house with him. Changed their life completely. Sagar had also changed. He was no longer the young happy Sagar. This was the major worry in Amish’s mind. It was evening Sagar would be back soon. How will he react to this?

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