Samar had difficulty sleeping that night. He twisted and turned on his bed but couldn’t find rest. Finally his eyes closed out of exhaustion. His slumber was deep and Samar looked peaceful as if all his worries had been put aside.

Samar could see her, his mother, playing with a little boy. She pulled him close to her and nuzzled her nose against his. She lifted him high up in the air. The little boy’s eyes beamed with excitement and belief that her mother would definitely catch him. Samar saw that little child’s face. It was him. He was so happy and his mother loved him so much. His dad was there too waiting for his turn.  He would bring him toys and take him out for walks after he had learned to walk. Samar could hear his parents singing him a lullaby.

He could see his mother’s face clearly. Her radiant, compassionate face and then he saw his father approaching him. But as he drew closer his face distorted. It became a blur and he could not recognize him anymore. He could only hear a voice saying, “HE IS NOT YOUR DAD! THEY ARE ALL LIARS!

Samar woke up with sweat on his forehead. He had to do something about his past. He could not go on living like this. He gulped down a glass of water. The dream was fresh in his mind. He tried to understand Sagar’s reaction the last time he had seen him. He tried to remember his own feelings and his reaction towards his mom and his stepdad whom he had thought to be his real dad all along. He remembered how they had loved him and brought him up. Of course the job kept them busy but still they tried their best to spend time with their kids. And he thought about Sagar, his little brother, his friend; how was he doing? Will he ever be able to make things right with him again? So many things rushed through his mind.

The last ten years of his existence had been no less than a punishment. It was like living in an exile away from your home and your family. Samar had left everything behind. He wanted to meet his mother. He wanted to see her and ask her lot of questions.  The next day he sent his parents a lovely bouquet of red-roses as an anniversary present. And along with that he also sent a note for his mother. It read, “I want to see you mom”.

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