It is really unbelievable for me that finally we could cross this  Milestone of posting 1000 posts (includes articles, poems and quotes). When Candles Online was started in 11 July 2015 the 1st articleThank You” was written by Rajnandini and tonight the 1000th articleDon’t Turn a Blind Eye, Raise Your Voice” was written by Kuljeet Saini. And while achieving this feat we also had broke our previous records which were quite astounding when I calculated myself. Have a look at them as follows:

Articles, Poems & Quotes: 1001
Topics discussed: 122
Authors Contributing: 34
Comments left: 4153
Story Relays: 3
Countries Reached: Over 155
Followers till now: 2202

I praise God as He has been so faithful all these years because when we started, we were just 7 in the team and look now, we are more than 30 today. It started as a Webzine but now, I think we are a community where, there are many readers, followers and visitors who are being added to us, the authors of Candles Online daily. I feel so grateful to all my co-authors whom I call my angels who have been so passionate as I am till now.

I know, this is just the beginning and we will be going farther than this as we are growing rapidly fulfilling our objectives of:


  • Motivating and Inspiring a fearful, discouraged, depressed human…

  • Igniting the spark in a lost and passive soul to understand the meaning of life…

  • Creating Awareness about self, family, community and country as a whole…

  • Transforming lives lifted out from the pit of darkness to light of life…


Congratulations my dear angels! Let’s keep up the good work enthusiastically that we have started together as I am certain that God, who has begun the good work within us, will continue His work until it is finally finished.

Stay Blessed!!!


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