It is really unbelievable for me that finally we could cross this  Milestone of posting 1000 posts (includes articles, poems and quotes). When Candles Online was started in 11 July 2015 the 1st articleThank You” was written by Rajnandini and tonight the 1000th articleDon’t Turn a Blind Eye, Raise Your Voice” was written by Kuljeet Saini. And while achieving this feat we also had broke our previous records which were quite astounding when I calculated myself. Have a look at them as follows:

Articles, Poems & Quotes: 1001
Topics discussed: 122
Authors Contributing: 34
Comments left: 4153
Story Relays: 3
Countries Reached: Over 155
Followers till now: 2202

I praise God as He has been so faithful all these years because when we started, we were just 7 in the team and look now, we are more than 30 today. It started as a Webzine but now, I think we are a community where, there are many readers, followers and visitors who are being added to us, the authors of Candles Online daily. I feel so grateful to all my co-authors whom I call my angels who have been so passionate as I am till now.

I know, this is just the beginning and we will be going farther than this as we are growing rapidly fulfilling our objectives of:


  • Motivating and Inspiring a fearful, discouraged, depressed human…

  • Igniting the spark in a lost and passive soul to understand the meaning of life…

  • Creating Awareness about self, family, community and country as a whole…

  • Transforming lives lifted out from the pit of darkness to light of life…


Congratulations my dear angels! Let’s keep up the good work enthusiastically that we have started together as I am certain that God, who has begun the good work within us, will continue His work until it is finally finished.

Stay Blessed!!!



Dumping of debris has destroyed more than 20 acres of mangrove forests in Charkop, Kandivli in Mumbai over the past seven years, making way for encroachment by 3,000 shanties and private properties.

28th October 2017 – – Remember the shocking images of poisoned trees from Bengaluru, earlier this year? It appears like they have just done it all over once again. This time 30 trees have been cut illegally in what environmentalists suspect was done as the trees were blocking some advertisement boards nearby. The trees at the outer ring road were chopped down on Thursday night by unidentified people.

Debris continues to be dumped along the Roadpali mangrove stretch, killing mangroves and reclaiming the wetland along Taloja creek. The creek shore has been encroached upon by roadside shops. The latest encroachment, adjoining Sion-Panvel road, will soon grow if deterrent action is delayed by Cidco. Nobody seems to be bothered about preserving ecosystem,” said Rajesh Poojary, an environmentalist.

Ten members of the Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) at Taloja were booked on Tuesday over release of untreated industrial waste into Kasadi River near Navi Mumbai.

The list is endless. We come across such news items almost every day in the newspaper.

These things and more are happening around us. By people who are living amongst us. It’s time we stop turning a blind eye to the whole thing and raise our voice and educate the people who, for their short term gain are destroying the long term future of our planet.

I remember when we were in class 8 or 9, a compulsory subject called environmental studies was introduced. We read about climate change and global warming etc. Frankly speaking as a kid I thought this was all overhyped and a very distant future. I never expected to see the effects of these things in my own life time. Yet here we are 25 years down the line actually experiencing the effects of climate change.

It’s high time now that we should all be aware and make others aware about how our lifestyle is adversely affecting the environment. I know it’s a daunting task I am not egging everyone to get up and file PILs against the polluting industries. Do it if you can! We all may not be able to take such big steps. But at least start with baby steps like – segregate your garbage, composting wet waste, replace all leaking taps, educate the house help about not wasting water, if you see anyone littering, stop them and show them the dustbins, protect the greenery around you.

There are many small changes that we can bring in our lifestyle and of people around us so that the life of our planet is extended for a little more. And yes if you see anyone destroying the green cover around us don’t turn a blind eye, Raise your voice and report them. Change the mindset…

Quote of the day

Learn to laugh at your own follies and miseries, then you won’t have an audience mocking at them.