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As you all know, Story Relay has been a new initiation by us on Candles Online and it’s an absolutely new experience for the whole team. And all of us enjoyed writing a story together day after day till it finishes on the 7th day (14th day for the last relay) of the week. Moreover, the readers also appreciated the endeavor. Some of them also said that they could relate well with the stories that we wrote.

Till now we could write 3 stories in a relay format. And all three stories reflected the problems of females. The first one was of a frustrated married lady, the second one was of a desperate mom and the third one was of a single woman in despair.  My co-authors were amazing in building all three stories to bring out some moral out of them.

After the successful completion of these story relays I thought of jotting down few tips and observations for all of us to know and understand. These tips might be helpful for my co-authors as well as many bloggers and writers those who visit our sites regularly or occasionally.

  1. The starter of a story has to be absolutely bland in my opinion but it has to incite interests in the minds of the next writers as well as the readers to explore the openings creatively.
  2. The title of the starter should be such on which a novella can be built. The title should guide an extender to extend the story further.
  3. Each extension should contain maximum of two or three scenes… not more than that or else it will be very boring and confusing for the next writer.
  4. Each scene should be dealt well, realistically… not just in a touch and move ahead style. Each scene should be carefully explained with minute to minute details.
  5. Twists in an extension are good but it should always align with the theme of the starter or the title.
  6. Unnecessary twists are troublesome. And a twist is not always appreciable. In fact, a lead is more important than a twist.
  7. A story relay is not a competition between writers but a team work. Sometimes, a writer has to just extend the story further by detailing the same scene as left by the previous writer.
  8. Keeping the minute details in mind about the places, times, dates and days mentioned by the previous writers is of utmost importance.
  9. Never bring the obvious at an early stage, instead leave it open for the subsequent writers. Keep the suspense intact in your piece. Learn the art of postponing the obvious interestingly poised for the next writer to extend.
  10. At the end I would like to encourage you all to do little research about the scenario you are planning to write. You need to know “Why Research Is Important For A Fiction Writer“.  Follow the link and read the article written by my co-author Pradita. She has given some very valid points which can help in story relays as well.

I am pleased to write this article addressing you, my valuable readers on behalf of my team. And henceforth, I will keep in touch with you time to time through such bulletins.

Till then, Good Night!



A Case Study

I have been in an unhappy marriage for five years now. My husband has been cheating on me since one year. Initially he did try to hide his transgressions by lying about his whereabouts. Our altercations hit high charts and eventually he admitted to cheating on me.

Why and how did this happen? Where did I go wrong? Will our marriage ever work?

I have been contemplating over these questions ever since, trying to rationalize my husband’s indiscretions. Being a student of science my first approach to any problem that knocks, is to go for a root cause analysis. And look what it reveals!

My husband might have been dishonest for a year, but I have been disingenuous since the commencement of our marriage. I have always pretended to relinquish his behavior and prevaricate through the situations. Our arguments have been the result of frustrations due to lack of communication.

So what are the primary reasons for lying and cheating in a relationship? If lying is fabricating the truth, cheating is deceiving the essence of the relationship and straying away. We all try to escape from boredom and lingering circumstances. Are fibbing and infidelity the actual solutions to this issue?

Most people fail to understand that being dishonest and committing adultery are just one of the options to escape situations. How about engaging in fruitful activities or actually addressing the matter with your significant other.

Digging deeper does unveil factors like lack of experience in a committed relationship could be one of the reasons for being mendacious. Sometimes the partner doesn’t understand the consequences of being deceptive. A feeling of insecurity owing to age, money, smartness or physical attributes is also linked to cheating. In such cases seeking external validation becomes more important than confronting the matter at hand. Another reason could be unrealistic whims and fancies of a partner that might lead to dissatisfaction, resulting in unfaithful behavior. Also succumbing to limerence and impulsive attractions leads to oversight of a meaningful connection.

As we skim through the reasons of indiscretions, we can find zillions of them. Regardless of the actual causes of cheating, there are always options available on grabs, like couple counselling, taking up hobbies and an honest discussion with your partner. 

I hope the articles which are going to be published subsequently throughout the week might throw some more light on the various reasons of lying and cheating in relationships. But to conclude, always remember that you always have a choice to not lie and cheat, than to compromise your integrity and give up on a meant to be relationship.

Quote of the day

Our own lying lips can make our life miserable enough to live.