It was her birthday! What can be the most beautiful gift for my beloved person!

A well designed collage with her beautiful pictures and special poem in the middle of it! That’s a tiny portion of my expression of love for her and a humble attempt to gratify her love for me.

She loves it! Her parents like it! Her siblings appreciate it!

Alas… you can never change the perception of them who are fully committed to bring down every good thing to their level of understanding. That’s a spicy curry for them but for another, it may be a stinky TABOO

I Love you, not because you are Beautiful

I Love you, not because you are Rich

I Love you, not because you are Influential

I Love you, not because you are my Girl friend

I Love you because you held my hands when my feeble knees stumbled me

I Love you because your counsels corrected me

I Love you because your secret prayers strengthened my soul to face challenges

I Love you because you are TRUST WORTHY for me

The clincher of every relationship is the celestial pious power of Love. The serene beauty of every relationship is clothed in Love. Love kindles the flame in every soul to walk an extra-mile in all relationship. Love is the crux of every relationship… then what’s wrong there to say, “I LOVE YOU”!

The Bible says,

Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love—

and the GREATEST of these is Love.”

Love is the greatest of all because –

The Bible also says,

“Whoever does not love does not know GOD, because God is Love

As God is love and love comes from Him, we are able to see and embrace the eternal beauty of every relationship. But Beauty must be enjoyed within the BOUNDARY! And the Boundary is FENCE of godly standard!

As God is Love, Love is the NEED of human existence and Love gives an identity to every relationship. Then follows our contributions to our relationships day after day to make the bond of love stronger.

We are best friends for each other since 2014 valentine day but till now we have never been on Hangout, we haven’t taken a Selfie even (sounds funny in a selfie generation), we always stayed miles away yet we are so deeply inclined in love that we don’t need to ask about our situations, just a hello tone is enough to explain each other what our story is all about. We deeply love one another, fight with each other, and fights for one another, we are very open to each other and treasure our secrets, together we have painted many beautiful moments yet the FENCE of godly standards has always guarded the beauty of our relationship.

Finally, I can say, Love is a need and a need can never be blamed as Taboo till we enjoy its beauty within the boundary guarded by the godly standard…

 Enjoy the love within…

Quote of the day

Bask yourself in the glory of love and rejoice with the wildly fluttering heart.