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Keep on cherishing the pleasant moments the life provides you or else learn to live miserably.

6 thoughts on “LEARN TO LIVE

  1. Welcome to Candles Online my Betu!
    This is a lovely start to your journey here with me and with all of us here.
    Self-pity which has really drowned us and drowned our people surrounding us… but living on each happiness and blessings that we get small or big can really make our life beautiful. Better if we understand it quick and soon.
    Thanks for sharing this thought provoking quote Vip. God bless you abundantly!

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  2. Thankyou so much. I am very grateful to you for blessing me with such a wonderful opportunity and in fact I like to thank every member of candles online for their lovely support. Thankyou 😇😇

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  3. Welcome Dear Vipra 😊 Glad to see your debut quote has been published today. I am sure you will be loved. It’s a exquisite quote I must say. We need to cherish the good to enjoy every moment in life or it seems nothing but pain. Kudos to you ! 🌹 Keep Smiling and Happy Blogging. 🤝

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