Nina mentally chided herself “Why did I let my mind wander into the past? This is such an important presentation. I need to stay focused.” Thanks to her boss Mr. Mathur she had got this opportunity to present her project in the company board meeting. “Nina this is a huge break. Stay Calm..  Focus…”   She composed herself and entered the room. The entire top management of the company and the board members were present. She slipped on her professional look mask and started the presentation.

Nina was always very brilliant in public speaking and as usual she gave an excellent presentation. The applause of approval and the impressed look on the face of CEO Mr. Nandan said it all. Nina was basking in the attention and appreciation she was getting. This was what she had worked her whole life for. Finally in her professional life she was getting her due credit and appreciation for her work.  

“Finally? This is what I always wanted. Wasn’t it? Why am I not happy?” A little thought niggled into her mind. Time and again Nina‘s eyes were sweeping through the audience as though looking for someone. Nina could not admit even to herself that she half expected to meet Ankit today.

“Do I want to see him again or not? Why am I so restless on such a momentous occasion?”  “Nina madam please join us for a group photograph.”

Her train of thoughts was interrupted. And Nina was again drawn into the melee around her.

Group photo was followed by corporate lunch.

By the time Nina got free and reached back to her hotel it was already 4 pm.

“Nina Massi!!” Someone shrieked and she turned. Two cute little four year olds came rushing towards her and jumped up to hug her. She could barely catch them.

“When did you come Massi? What did you bring for us? How long will you stay with us?” The barrage of questions started. Nina hugged Kiara and Riya and answered their questions patiently. Diana was standing behind them. Smiling and watching “How happy Nina Di looks when she is with my daughters Kiara and Riya.

When Diana came to know that Nina Di was coming to Bangalore she decided to make a quick trip from Mysore and meet her even if it was only for a couple of hours.

Once the kids were settled with chocolates and gifts. Nina and Diana sat in the hotel room for a chat over a cup of hot ginger tea. Diana’s favourite..

Life’s experiences has shaped the two sisters so differently. While Nina grew up so bitter with her parents because of their fights and behaviour. Diana’s belief in love and marriage never diminished. Maybe because Nina always shielded her baby sister from their parents. Nina bore the brunt of their anger but never let her little sis suffer.

“Did you meet him, Di?” Diana asked. “No, Diana I am here for work.”

“Don’t lie to me Di. I can see it in your eyes. You miss him. A part of your life was forever lost. When he left.”

I don’t wanna talk about it Diana. Please let’s not look for a story where there is none… Ankit is my past and I have no intentions to bring him into my present again”

(Image Source: Google Inc.)

Diana knew Nina Di was not being entirely truthful but she did not goad her further.

They had some quick snack at Mac Donalds. Kiara and Riya kept up a constant chatter and entertained Nina. Their energy was so infectious! All four of them were eating and laughing at their silly jokes and antics.

Finally it was time for Diana and the kids to go back. Both the kids were already very sleepy and would doze off in the car.

Before getting into the taxi. Diana hugged her sister and said “Don’t you wanna meet Ma? She is old now. Doesn’t keep well also.”

“You haven’t met her for so many years now. Can’t you forgive her?”

Nina had no answers.. She waved them good bye and went back to her hotel room.

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