It’s time to see what I can do

To test the limits and breakthrough

Let it go, let it go…

2017 was a roller-coaster for me- so many ups & downs, new ventures, new friends, taking some harsh decisions, sulking sometimes in difficult situations and sometimes crying with joy. But, the ride did come to an end and the uncertainties of life brought a new dawn of hope.

The biggest lesson that the last year taught me is that life is too short. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. So, treasure the people around you who care for you and love you unconditionally. Live every moment, for you might not be there to witness the next moment.

Life is difficult, sometimes too harsh that one may want to just run away, rather than facing the ordeal. The qualms of life make you think- ‘Why Me’ and you just want to go inside your shell, don’t want to interact with anyone and just pray that life comes to an end. But, life is uglier and crueler than what you believe. It will keep taking your assessments every now and then until you stop giving up. Yes, the day you stop giving up, life will change for you. It will become beautiful and worthy.

It is said, “The one who suffers only he knows the meaning of suffering.” It is easy to just pen down some good thoughts and talk about being positive. God has been kind enough on me for He has given me so much and almost a perfect life that one can dream of. But, trust me, I was also sulking and complaining till the day I chose to be happy in the situation I am.

Being crabby over life’s atrocities is easier than to face them. No one else is responsible for your own happiness, except you. And the day you realise this, life will completely transform in front of you.

It’s time to see what I can do

To test the limits and breakthrough

Let it go, let it go…

These lines from Disney’s frozen song really motivate me. True, when you can’t hold, just let it go and move on. But, don’t forget to cherish the good things that life gave you in the past.

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