Award winning world-class novelist Jack Higgins was interviewed after his award winning book “The Eagle has landed” and he was asked,

“Mr. Higgins,What do you now want to know as you wished to known as a younger man?”

He replied, “I wished to known then what I know now that –

When you get to the top, THERE’S NOTHING THERE…”

This has been already mentioned in the Mega, last Sunday.

It’s been 8 years for me working among the young influential urban youths, every time they quote me “Zindegi do din ka, khao, pio aur aissh karo…” which means “Life is for two days. Eat – Drink and Enjoy it…”

But my question is “WHAT IS NEXT???”

Even going to the top WHY we don’t find anything there?

Why still there’s EMPTINESS within?

Why we are happy but NOT joyful?

The last three wishes of Alexander, the Great was,

“My Physicians alone must carry my coffin”

(Reason is, “the world will know that even best of best doctors are helpless about DEATH”)

“When my coffin will be carried to the graveyard, the path leading to the graveyard must be strewn with Gold, Silver and precious Stones that I have collected in my treasury”

(Reason is, “even my wealth cannot save my life it is sheer waste of time to chase wealth”)

“Both of my hands be kept dangling out of my coffin”

(Reason is, “I came with empty hands to this world and is going back with empty hands)

Alexander’s last wishes have great analogy with Bible. The Bible says,

I have seen all the things that are done under the sun;

all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.’

In fact it’s true! We toil day and night to earn Gold & Glory but what do we carry with us by our death bed? Even by our 4th generation we are a forgotten person in this world.

In midst of life, death & knowledge the greatest achievement is to understand the meaning of our life and living it purposefully yet the question remains


Is it possible by another human being? Every human is uniquely created for a unique purpose. Though probably there are 4 people just like us in this world yet each one is different from another. Since our childhood to till our death we all are busy in chasing to discover ‘Life’s meaning’.

A handful of mud never knows what shape it will get and how it will be used. But the potter knows it very well, as he holds a picture in his mind before the creation of a pot.

God in his Infinite knowledge and Eternal existence

Knows better than any human being and can explain individually….

We just have to SEEK, and we will find.