Sapna was desperately waiting on the platform for Naina’s train to come. Palash Dada made it a point that he will bring Naina along with him to visit her mom this winter vacation. The train came but Sapna could not find them in the coach they were supposed to be in. She searched for them frantically looking inside the train…

Mumma” She heard the sweet voice and turned back but she could not see anything as she felt her eyes were clasped with tiny soft fingers… That brought a delightful glee on her face as she touched those small fingers with hers. The fingers were soon uncovered and Sapna looked at Naina, a 15 year old beautiful girl standing in front of her. Tears rolled down through her cheeks and she wrapped her arms around Naina and kept her head on Naina’s chest with contentment. Palash Dada was standing there and enjoyed witnessing the love exchange between a mother and her daughter because Sapna met her daughter after three years. Sapna had to leave their town for her project work in Mumbai three years ago and Naina wasn’t allowed then by the Orphanage superintendent to go out of the campus till her tenth. Sapna saved every penny that she earned from the project so that she could spend them all on her daughter Naina’s future.

Ok my dear ladies… I am feeling extremely hungry… Hope we will finally leave this platform and go home…” Palash Dada tapped on their shoulders with his both hands and joked with a grin on his face.

I am so sorry Dada…. I was so engrossed feeling the heartbeat of my daughter that I forgot about you. Let’s go home.” Sapna came back to her senses and giggled as they all went out of the railway station.

After a day or so when Palash Dada returned back to his place leaving Sapna and Naina all alone, they both found each other sitting in the balcony, engrossed sharing and pouring out all their heartfelt love and care for each other. Naina was explaining how she spent last three years… how she missed her mom yet she didn’t forget her responsibility to study hard. But Sapna’s mind took her 10 years back when Mrs. Parmar threatened to take Naina away from her.

Mumma? Where are you lost?” Naina asked shaking Sapna’s hands.

No baby… I just went back to think how we struggled when you were just 5 years old.” Sapna said placing her right hand palm on Naina’s cheek, caressing.

Oh yeah… I faintly remember that old auntie… what’s her name… Yeah, Mrs. Parmar. She troubled you a lot…right Mumma?” Naina asked looking at her Mom’s face, keeping her head on Sapna’s lap. And they both recalled the events that had taken place 10 years back…

That day when Sapna offered Mrs. Parmar about being a surrogate mother to the child of her son she felt extremely restless and disturbed. She called up Palash Dada that evening to get some respite, some consolation, and some advice for the offer she had made getting scared of that scheming old lady and her threatening. Palash Dada heard her patiently and made her realised that the offer is not as easy as Sapna thinks it is. He made her understand that surrogacy can cause pain, heartache and confusion for her as she might later find it extremely painful giving away the child because of the bond that will form between her and the child she will be carrying.

Tears never stopped flowing from her eyes as she felt in a deep pit of desperation and helplessness. “Where are you God? Are you really even there? If you really exist why don’t you intervene in our matters? Can’t you see what all are happening to me and my daughter?” She screamed at the top of her voice, weeping relentlessly. She had never ever wept like that before and Naina was in deep slumber and she woke up when she heard her beloved Mumma weeping and screaming in utter desperation. She came running to her and hugged her tight… asking innocently what’s happening to her… why she is crying… But Sapna had no idea how to make a 5 year understand her plight.

She caressed Naina’s silky hairs with her fingers, kissed her forehead and clutched Naina tight to her bosom and said softly, “There are people who are trying to take you away from me and I don’t want to leave you a bit. That’s why Mumma is bitter about God and asking Him if He can really help us or not…” Sapna didn’t want Naina to have a bad image of Mrs. Parmar who’s so respected in her eyes so she didn’t mention her name to Naina.

Naina heard everything that her mother had to explain. Then she looked at Sapna and held her face in her tiny little hands and whispered gently, “Mumma, God knows everything… If you believe that then why to worry when you know that He knows our pain and problems? Don’t cry Mumma… I think God won’t ask me to go away from you…

Sapna smiled hearing her innocent explanation and her faith on God. She was startled by her understanding of God and His character. She felt a peace and assurance in her heart. They both had their dinner and slept peacefully that day… Everyday Sapna waited for Mrs. Parmar’s call but there was no call from her.

Days passed by but there was no sign of Mrs. Parmar. “Was Naina right? Did God really intervene in their matter?” Sapna wondered and kept thinking about it day and night. Almost one month passed away when Sapna decided to request Palash Dada to put Naina in the orphanage as a semi orphan child as she didn’t want the uncertainty of life affect adversely on Naina’s education and childhood. To Sapna’s respite Palash Dada could able to convince the trustees of the orphanage about Naina and she was accepted in and started going to school as well. She did excellent in her studies surprising all. She kept on hitting the top position in the class every year. And that made Sapna proud and she happily went ahead searching for a good job after seeing her daughter in the right place.

Later after few months Sapna came to know that Mr. Parmar had different plans regarding the issue of his son and daughter in law. When he came back from abroad he revealed that he had met a doctor in London who assured him about resolving the issue through artificial insemination.


Haven’t I told you Mom God was mindful about us and He has a plan for everything that happens to us whether it gives us joy or sorrow. He always takes care of those who seek Him earnestly.” Naina said as both of them came back from their past to the present.

Yes my dear… You are right… And God also took care of your studies by providing a scholarship which covers almost all your educational expenses. Wow!” Sapna said as she grabbed her teenage daughter in her arms embracing her while they enjoyed each other’s presence.

That day when Naina slept off after her dinner Sapna remembered the statement of Mrs. Parmar which she made 10 years back on Naina, “She is a gem that needs to be polished and I am the one who can do it.” It was a statement of such pride that she had made that day without understanding the fact that it was not she but only God who can make a pauper rich and turn a rich into a pauper. She kissed her daughter’s forehead, looking at her sleeping so peacefully. She is truly a gem whom God polished so well that she shone in her Mom’s darkened life.