Sapna nodded in affirmation but her eyes still didn’t know what to expect next.  They made their way to Mrs. Parmar’s car where the chauffeur opened the door politely, let the ladies in, closed the doors behind them and steered towards the hospital as guided by Sapna.

Within half an hour they reached the hospital.  As soon as Sapna entered Naina’s ward followed by Mrs.Parmar, Sapna could sense a different air around her.  The staff was more attentive than ever.

All this made Sapna amaze at the fact that how brands adorned by someone makes it count among people around.  Till yesterday nurses were nowhere close to considerate as far as their words were concerned.  Sapna thought may be the nature of their work made them so.  But today their tones softened and everyone seemed to be on toes for little Naina.  Whatever be the reason for this change it did give Sapna a ray of hope.

Mrs.Parmar met the doctor in charge of Naina’s case.  She spoke to him at length while Sapna was with Naina at a distance.  Following their discussion was Naina’s treatment which the doctor confirmed personally and bills aren’t a hindrance anymore, thanks to this kind lady, Mrs.Parmar.  She met Naina, spoke to her affectionately, caressed her hair, held her hands warmly.  Sapna just stood beside Naina, seeing all this with a soft smile and pearly tear drops in her eyes which were nothing but her gratitude towards this elderly woman and God.

Soon Naina – Mrs.Parmar’s conversation was interrupted by a nurse who came there with medicine.  As nurse got busy with Naina, Mrs.Parmar took Sapna aside and assured her of Naina’s treatment.

With one hand she held Sapna’s hand while the other she kept at her shoulder and said ” young lady, keep your worries at bay, your daughter is in safe hands.  She will be fine in no time, you shall see” and handed over her a card with her contact details in it and continued “give me a call in case of any need and definitely do let me know when you are home.  I want to meet you both at your place, in a space merrier and beautiful, free from this staunch of medicines”.

And after giving some signing off notes to doctor she left.  Sapna kept staring at the petty card in her hand before Naina called her.

Almost after two weeks Naina was discharged.  She was free from her illness and Sapna from her grief.  They reached home which was more or less deserted after Naina fell ill as she was in hospital and Sapna kept wandering for help.

Sapna made Naina comfortable and she fell asleep.  Sapna started to wind up the scattered house and amidst of her chores she remembered that she was supposed to call Mrs.Parmar to inform her about Naina’s discharge from hospital.

She grabbed her phone and searched for the card that Mrs.Parmar gave her.  She dialled the number “Hello, can I talk to Mrs.Parmar please?”

Mrs.Parmar – Yes speaking”

Sapna –  Hello mam, this is Sapna, Naina’s mother ( her new-found identity), how are you mam?”

Mrs.Parmar – Oh yes Sapna! Well I am doing good, tell me how’s your princess doing ( for a person of her stature it was unlikely to remember someone like these two but she did).

Sapna – All thanks to you mam, she is absolutely fine and has been discharged from hospital.  We are at home now.  If you are free tomorrow, we would like to meet you.  Naina would love to thank you personally.  We owe it to you.  I don’t know if I ever shall be able to repay you for what have you done to us.

Mrs.Parmar – No young lady, thank God.  Being born as human it’s the least I could do.  And don’t hassle the little girl, she is just been out of the hospital.  I will come to your place to see her. Can you give me your address please?

Sapna was at loss of words.  She never imagined that this world still hosts people like this lady.  Delighted she gave her address.

And the next day itself Mrs.Parmar paid a visit to their humble nest.  She brought goodies for Naina, spent some quality time with her before Naina was tired and slipped into deep slumber.

All that Sapna could do was to watch her daughter and Mrs.Parmar with amusement, gratitude and to a certain extent disbelief that how things took a turn for good.

“So” Mrs.parmar begin and brought Sapna back to her senses “what next?”.

With a smile Sapna replied “both of us have to resume our school.  It’s been really long that we are on leave.  To take care of her I have to join back”.

Mrs.Parmar countered her saying ” for how long you think you can continue like this?”.  There was a change in her tone.  Was it concern or sarcasm?  Sapna was confused.

And Mrs.Parmar continued “Sapna let me get straight to the point.  I have chosen to help you because I need a favour from you.  Remember you said you would do anything in exchange of this help?  I want Naina.  I have everything in life, you know it well but God has deprived me of the happiness of having grandchildren for my daughter-in-law can never conceive.  Naina gave me a hope and I could give her a bright future which she deserves and you can only dream of but never materialize it.  You yourself are struggling to make ends meet, how can you meet her demands as she grows up.  She is a gem that needs to be polished and I am the one who can do it.  Don’t let this flower perish in the heat of poverty.  Don’t get me wrong, at this point I might be sounding as a harsh hot-headed businesswoman but think as a mother.  A mother always wants her child to be happy and successful.  And oppressing desires in the name of “Learning to Be Content” is a hogwash.  Who else would know that better than you.  In return I would recommend you for a better job for a better living.  It’s a win-win situation for you.  All that you have to do is give me Naina.  Just think of it, it’s for Naina, Your Naina”.

She left leaving Sapna battered to pieces…

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