He looked at her, realizing why she had looked vaguely familiar.  He remembered her from the time she had come to collect her husbands dues and he had been the one to sign that check.

He listened to her pleas with a slightly irritated look.  He had other meetings to attend to but something in her demeanour gave him pause.

“Mrs. Gupta, I am sorry for your struggles and would like to help but I can’t just loan out company money with the snap of a finger.  There are protocols in place that must be observed,” he said with some regret.

Her shoulders slumped and she began to sob even more. “Then I have truly lost everything,” she mumbled between sobs and stumbled from the office, no longer caring who saw her. In her grief, she headed down the wrong corridor and ended up at another office door. As she was about to turn around,  the door opened, and an elderly looking woman stood there.

“My dear child, what is wrong,” she asked placing her arm around Sapna’s shoulder’s and ushered her into the office.  It looked professional but at the same time, comfortable. The older woman helped Sapna to a couch and handed her some tissue. Moments later she was giving her a hot cup of tea and waited sitting down next to her.

Finally, getting herself under control and with gentle encouragement from the older woman, Sapna told her the whole story though leaving out the small part about how Mr Parmar had made her feel uncomfortable the day she came to collect Harsh’s last paycheck.

“I remember your husband Mrs Gupta.  He was a good and loyal employee and was so very proud of you and your precious little girl.  He had a picture of the 3 of you in his wallet all looking so happy and from the look on his face as he looked at you both,  very much in love with his ladies.”

Sapna gasped as it dawned on her who this woman was…Mrs. Parmar.

“Oh,  please forgive me, ma’am!  I just realized who you were!”

Mrs Parmar patted her shoulder.  “Do not worry about it, my dear. Though our son is managing the office,  I am the owner of the business along with Mr Parmar.  Now, let’s get you cleaned up and go and see your little girl.  I’d like to meet her. ”

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