Of all the memories we cherish, childhood memories are possibly the most special. Well, of course memories can be happy times or dreadful ones. As I sit back writing on the topic, I remember the movie Inside Out where Riley turns her experiences as memories and sends into long term memory. While I navigate through my long term memory hub, from my childhood, one of which comes is my school sports day, although I don’t remember the date.

Students and teachers at my school had been preparing for the Sports Day for the last few weeks. Although sports day might seem a fun to many, the day was both a fun and a difficult day for me. It was because my father was a sports person and he thought I would be an Olympic athlete. Kidding… On the other hand, my mother was finding it a distraction from studies because I couldn’t complete my homework and was getting tired. Leave them aside, and I was the happiest of all, as our classes were cancelled for practice and homeworks were not checked.

That year I had participated in every type of sports, except high jump which I never liked. I remember I participated in Javelin throw, Shot-put Throw, Discus Throw, Long Jump, Running Race and Needle & Thread Race. My school and house was in the same campus. So I used to practice after school with my father. It was that year in school when I became the sports champion. I had got many prizes and books. My grandfather, parents and teachers had been encouraging me and I felt a sense of pride winning the Champion Cup. All the days of practice and listening to my father’s scolding during practice were worth it.

I loved showing off my sporty skills and seeing my teachers and parents cheering for me standing at the side lines. They have been my support system and I miss every ‘good’ days of my school.