“Childhood – Lanes I want to visit again, Time I want to live again”

This is how I would define if you ask me to, about childhood.

The biggest irony, something all of us have experienced as a child was that we wanted to grow up fast and soon because we used to think that life is easy as an adult – no permissions required, no homework, money in pockets, no questions asked.  Reality is far from even fair let alone beautiful.

At this juncture if you ask my biggest wish I won’t battle an eyelid before breaking into this old song

“Koi lauta de mere beete hue din”

It simply translates to – Please someone give me back my past (gone days literally 😁).

Ok, let me not be preachy because all of us being adults know what complications we encounter or have encountered and will continue to do so being an ” Adult”.  Let me take you on a ride through memory lanes of my childhood. Hands up please those who are interested 🙋

Important Note:  Fare For the Ride – a smile on lips and exchange of your tales of the days gone by.

Everyone in my family and my teachers have a different notion of me.  They think I am a calm and sensible person.  But I have a cheeky side too,check these incidents for instance:

Scary games:  We got bored playing with kitchen sets and dolls (I had only one, local made and not a Barbie 😉).  Then the leader, that I was among siblings suggested let’s play “Bhoot – Bhoot” (ghost – ghost 😂).  Inspired by the horror movie setup I came up with a story (creative I was since then) – four siblings, a haunted house, doors making cracking sound (we were good at dubbing sounds too 😂), taps leaking blood and a locket that would save us from the wrath of ghost and me being the hero ( rather heroine 😀) would save everyone killing the ghost.  We did continue for a fairly long time 😁.

Impatient lot we were :  I was around 9 years old then and my brother just a year younger to me.  We were waiting at the bus stop for our school bus, our father for some reason couldn’t accompany us that day.  We were waiting and the bus didn’t turn up on dot, running late by few minutes.  So impatient we were that we decided to walk to our school.  It was not close by.  People who reside in Delhi would understand how far East Delhi is from South Delhi ( I guess it was South,I maybe wrong too) but the point is it was far away.  May be some 10+ kilometres.  And we walked all the way without anyone beside us carrying a load that became equal to a tonne after few steps.  Me being bad at memorizing directions allowed my brother to take the lead.  Halfway through we spotted the school bus on the other side of the road, tried to catch it up crossing the ever busy Delhi roads which was very dangerous and failed to.  Somehow we reached school after two periods were over.  I accompanied my brother to his class and requested teacher to allow him inside (told you I had a very good reputation in school).  When the entire episode of our dare was narrated to our parents they were so worried and were right in being so.  We were down with fever because of all the strain.  After all these years while writing this up I wonder what would have happened if we had missed school that day.  Absolutely nothing.  On contrary what could have happened while we were traveling alone sends chill down my spine.

The day when I boasted: When I was in third class I boasted to my friends that I know Bengali, fact is I know nothing about that language. And they told this to our teacher and she asked to me sing a song. I stood up there with head down and didn’t back out and sang a song with some sounds with which Bengalis normally end their words with and the class applauded me.  Luckily that day there was no one in the class who knew that language. Today while penning down this incident I earnestly request my friends who speak and know Bengali to kindly forgive me for that day as I was only eight years old then.  No intention to mock any language.

Apart from these there are so many incidents that made my childhood a precious one.  This page is not enough and words not equipped enough to convey what childhood is for privileged ones like us.  Privileged because we got to enjoy our childhood, don’t you all agree?