Complete Sleep

Unfinished glass of milk

Scattered toys

One-eyed Doll

Broken toys

Tireless cars driven across the window panes

Dirty legs imprinted on beds

Water guns showering on everyone

Undone homework

The days of my childhood- I wish to hold on to.


Childhood is the wonderful era in anyone’s life. An era that we cannot go back to but be a witness in our own kids. Memories are created by us, but least remembered by us. When I tried to recollect my own memories, it seemed like I have forgotten what my childhood was like. Then I gazed across my living room watching my kids play brought back thousands of memories with my little brother.

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If I could go back to those days, I always treasured some special moments like

  • the first doll
  • tents inside my home
  • the rainy day boat making
  • the fresh smell of the books
  • the adorable pencils, erasers and cute lil sharpeners
  • the afternoon lunch  surprises
  • the first time I ever got to buy myself a snack from the canteen.
  • my first ink pen
  • My first watch
  • My first Barbie-like doll .( Barbie was never affordable to us then)
  • My first train journeys wherein I used to get a chance to much on every snack that was sold.

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Yes , I too thought the same, even though we never had a car.

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Memories were endless. It was refreshing indeed to be able to recollect a few of them. To me, the first watch is something I always treasured.

Every day, I was grown up watching my dad with his watch. He used to wear them all along – like during his lunch, dinner, work, walk, sleep etc. I was so fond of watches then. But yes, like all other kids, I never knew how to check the time.

When I was in smaller classes, my mom used to get me those fake watches with those flashy screens, which becomes dead in a few days span. I only had the first few day hype for it.

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I always wanted a watch like my dad had- those silver straps square dial totally looked elegant. When I was in the third standard, my parents gifted me a black strapped square dial watch with a digital screen.

It was the happiest moment for me. I slept with it, ate with it and I did almost everything with it in my hand, that finally, I got those strap marks imprinted on my wrist. Still, I was indeed very happy. I had that watch for years and years when finally my parents got rid of it and brought me a new one with the similar look.

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Even now, no golden color or attractive watches take my mind off, because I still cherish the beauty of  “my first watch”, and nothing can beat it.

Looking back,

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We just lived creating memories.