Walking through this life, I often Stumble

Sailing through time, it makes me Tremble

Fears can’t be faced with a pinch of Salt

It Hampers my growth, but it’s not my Fault

Thorny and Barbed and Dry and Rough

I can walk no more, this road is tough

Days can be dark, nights can be darker

Fright Has no pattern, there is no Marker

Just know that it’s fine if you take a fall

If you conquer your fears and just stand tall

Yours can be a dog or a spider or a snake

Mine can be flowers or books or cake

I fear Doctors and Dying and Crowd

But that’s no reason that I can’t feel proud

You won’t know Freedom until you know a cage

Just overcome that horror, just turn that Page

For you are not alone in this battle that’s within

But just keep on fighting and never do Give in

You try and try, you try harder and you fail

You sob and you cry and you whine and you wail

“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows” they say

So snatch it by its neck and show it the Highway

You seek but none can help, it’s your own battle

These scares and these frights are your own chattel

So don’t show your back and run like a coward

Focus on your strengths and feel empowered

I would let you on a secret, on how to be Wise

F.E.A.R is an acronym for, Face Enemy And Rise!

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