She sat looking at the glow

the glow that was glittering like gold

the glow that was shimmering like a star

she crawled and crawled

trying to reach out to that star

approaching it, she had the triumph smile on her face

she extended her tender hands towards it

all she wants to do was to grab it

hold it in her hand

enjoy it sparkle in her fist

like the star in the night sky

as she touched it

There was a scream

A scream that brought her to tears

It was the incense stick…

that brought her pain……..

Did she stop yet?

Never, She still moved on, trying everything she could find on her way up growing to be a sensible female. Fear stops us from doing things that we must not be doing, yet we end up doing the same.

As a kid, I used to scared of public appearances. I was little timid myself, but there was a push in me that led me to shed my fears and let me walk onto the stage.

Every age level, I had some kind of fear disturbing me, and every milestone was conquering them. Hence without a conflict with my fear within, there was no going forward in my life.

At 17, I was scared of my hostel, as I had to stay away from my parents.

At 20, I was scared to get married, As I never intended to lose my freedom

At 23, I was scared of family responsibilities, as I felt I was immature to manage

Growing up was indeed a challenge, we all have to face. Responsibilities are a mountain terrain we ought to climb at least one point in life, dealing with it is an everyday fear.

But do we have an escape?

No, I believe,  taking up these small challenges will give you an adventurous life (be it small or big).

Fear is a manipulative emotion that can trick us into living a boring life. – Donald Miller

Fear is a natural instinct, that is inbuilt in us, from the time we were born. Like a response to stimuli, when our brain senses danger, the fear awakens. Hence Fear is a faithful companion till the end of life for us. As the final fear we have is the “end-of-life” and overcoming it is the death.

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For me, the most creeping phobia is the  Claustrophobia – fear of enclosed spaces.

As a child, I never slept close to the walls. Thanks to the Dracula movies which I used to watch back then, the scary hands and faces that bulge out in the walls, have always scared me to the core. As I fall asleep, I used to dream of those scary things jumping up from here and there and troubling my peaceful sleep. I even wondered Why did I ever watch those movies then.

And yes, still I haven’t overcome that fear, hence sleeping at the edge is the only solution. 😛

To lead a happy life we need to overcome all our fears and learn from mistakes and play the game called life wisely. As everything we need is gained only when we face the fear.

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Choosing to be a mom, brining up a child is also fighting a kind of fear within us. We have to battle every day with our conscience and thoughts to be a better mom. At times we confront the truths as our child behaves exactly like us – leaving us  totally confused and ashamed. We realize our mistakes then, but again the Fear of being exposed in front of them, leads us to hide the truth at times. Choosing to be brave enough to rectify mistakes and overcoming the fear is rather important.

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Hence choose to be stronger and wiser.

Blow away your aversion and walk towards your future. 


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