The next morning came and Meghana expected Manu to put some questions on the table. But he was as cool as cucumber. No reaction at all !!

Does he even care why I went off like that?

Is he even interested in my life?

Before she even realized she started to get a bit upset only because Manu did not ask her any questions about her whereabouts the day before. She knew he came back early from work only for her comfort. But the way he saw her and Animesh together – he could have thought of just anything. And moreover that fight started because she had to go to dentist but that also she had cancelled.

The morning was busy as usual and after a lot of running around, Manu and Kabir left for their destinations. She was left alone again with just her thoughts. She started to think about Animesh. How his life had turned upside down and yet he was this happy-go-lucky guy. How does he manage his emotions? Doesn’t he get angry with his life ever? He still managed to be same energetic and peppy person.

“Make a deal with Manu” – that’s what Animesh had suggested to her. Maybe he was right. Maybe she just had to search for herself, maybe she had to think about being the same Meghana that Manu had fallen in love with. If she does that, maybe this marriage would just be fine.

“Let’s go for a long ride, Manu!” Meghana used to say this quite often in the early years of their marriage. And they would put on their helmets and with music in their ears, they would ride off on his bike. It was so much fun. They used to go to one of beaches nearby. Once they would start talking – it would be endless. They always had so much to share and so much to chat about. Meghana couldn’t help but smile while thinking about what all they used to laugh about and talk about. It would be about their friends and family members, sometimes they would think of a new business idea that they might want to venture into. Other times it would be a light talk just about their future and how they would love to raise their kids.

Thinking about all this, Meghana quickly opened her laptop. She opened gtalk chats because that is what she and Manu used before marriage. She searched for the chats and she found them in no time. She opened one of them.

26th Oct’ 2009

“Manuuuuuu, you did not tell me what should I wear for the party tonight?”

“I love that red dress on you. Why don’t you try that?”

“I could, but you know I might look a bit fat in it”

“Hahaha, you will look fat anyways”

 😡 Grrrrr… How could you say that? I am not talking to you now. Huh!!”

🙂 Ok bye. Have fun dressing up.”

“I am angry, Manu. Won’t you even try to make up for my mood?”

“I will once I meet you. For now be a doll and come over in that red dress. And don’t worry a tad bit about your fat, you look lovely to me”

“Thanks baby, I am coming in sometime”

She opened another one.

6th Jan’ 2010

“Hi Meghana, did you practice the steps we decided yesterday. We only have 3 days left.”

“Yes yessss I did. But I am finding it bit difficult after 5th step. I somehow cannot rotate my waist like that”

“Hmmmm. Ok, we will change that step. All ok other than that?”

“Yups, you really want us to be the best naa”

“We are the best sweetie. There is no better couple than us. You will see how all eyes are going to be on us while we rock the stage.”

“I am quite sure. But don’t be too angry if I miss out something. I am trying my best, you know”

“I will kill you if you make a mistake. Hahaha, just kidding! You are an amazing dancer and all of us make mistakes. Don’t worry. Just practice and we are going to be best ever”

She closed the laptop with tears in her eyes. What happened to those long rides, movie outings, dance performances, flirtatious talks? Why did all that end in 7 years of marriage? It was such a gradual change that she doesn’t even know when their marriage started to rust. Now they hardly spoke to each other except for the things that are needed to run the house and raise a child. Things like “going to the dentist”, “picking up Kabir”, “buying some groceries”, “calling the electrician” etc. Thinking about a red dress and dance performances now was way out of their relationship.

“What should I do now? What would the old Meghana do? Where is she lost? How should I try to get her back?” Meghana closed her eyes with these thoughts.


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