Meghana and Animesh kept staring at the waves, rising and falling, reaching the shores, breaking against the rocks and filling the air with noise of splash only to retreat and bring upon calmness which is not static either.

The long silence was broken by a notification on Meghana’s phone.

“Oh it’s 2:30 PM, I must go as Kabir would be home in about an hour and a half” she said getting up from her place hurriedly.  A responsible mother she is, she had to rush.

Animesh signalled her to stop and said “wait I will drop you” and got up dusting away sand from his trousers.

“It’s okay, I will manage” said Meghana in a hesitating tone, there was a hint of being formal in her gestures.

“I know you can, but today I insist” said Animesh directed her towards his car dismissing her hesitations.

They got into the car and drove towards home. Throughout the way they spoke about many things. From prime minister’s foreign visits to their interests as kids, everything was spoken about except for the issues in their lives.

Meghana felt good about this accidental meeting. Though she was talking to Animesh but his words about life were still echoing in her mind. She kept pondering over them.

Soon they reached home. She got down thanking him and as soon as she was about to close the door past her Animesh called out her “Megha! Why don’t you work out a deal with Manu?”.

She was taken by surprise “what deal? What are you talking about?” She said in a bit startled voice.

Animesh chuckled and said “give him back his old Meghana and get your old Manu”. A smile escaped her lips and she bid goodbye again and turned towards the door only to be surprised again, in fact shocked.

She saw Manu at the door trying to open it with his keys.

“Manu!” She exclaimed and continued with her volley of questions “how come you are here at this time? Are you okay? You haven’t informed me?” and before she could continue further she was interfered by Manu.

With his trademark straight face “I thought you would be in a miserable state after your appointment with the dentist so thought of dropping home early so that I could take care of Kabir” he was still continuing when Animesh came and greeted him.

“Hey brother how are you?” asked Animesh shaking hands warmly with Manu.

With a broad smile which is rare but pure, Manu replied “I am all good, how are you?  When did you come back to India?  Please come on in”.

Animesh gently declined his offer stating that he has some important appointment and promised that he shall see them coming weekend.  And he parted.

Meanwhile Meghana was searching for answers for Manu’s probable questions for not going to the dentist and accidentally meeting her friend. She had some fears about Manu’s reaction but at deep down her heart she was happy that he came home.

“So how was your appointment?” Manu asked her. To this she could not lie and told that she gave it a miss citing Kabir as a reason.

He was calm and nodded his head just saying “okay” and went on working on his laptop.

Evening passed in anticipation for Meghana. She expected the typical male mentality from Manu. Routines followed in absolute calmness as usual, no sign of fury, no taunts, absolutely nothing.

Even in the night she was expecting a question to pop up regarding her meeting. But nothing happened… Manu was absolutely quiet and reserved within himself.

This incident gave Meghana a reason to smile and look at Manu differently though she was bit worried about his change of behaviour all of a sudden.

‘May be Animesh is right. May be Manu is waiting for his old Meghana to come back to him.  May be I am unable to see him standing at the other side of the bridge. I shall cross it to meet my Manu…’ Her mind was wandering around many things as she sighed and slipped into dreams.

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