It was day before yesterday when around 11:30 pm I saw Kuljeet online on Whatsapp and we just had a bit of chatting before we made our ways to our respective dream lands. But I thought of sharing a bit of what we discussed that night… They are as follows:

[11:36 PM, 11/16/2017] Kuljeet: Health and mood both good??
[11:37 PM, 11/16/2017] Chiradeep: Mood is not that great… life is kinda going rough… But I am trying to float well. Health is fine amongst all negativity.
[11:38 PM, 11/16/2017] Kuljeet: Oh… Yaar yeh rough weather kab khatam hoga (When will these storms come to an end?)
[11:38 PM, 11/16/2017] Chiradeep: Hmm… Kabhi nahi…(Never ever)… We just have to float well holding God’s hands… He is faithful…
[11:39 PM, 11/16/2017] Kuljeet: True that is…
[11:39 PM, 11/16/2017] Chiradeep: I am an witness… for last 42 years. Experienced with age and life events both…
[11:40 PM, 11/16/2017] Kuljeet: Yup.. I draw a lot of inspiration from you…
[11:40 PM, 11/16/2017] Chiradeep: Yeah… but I am faltering now…
[11:41 PM, 11/16/2017] Kuljeet: Arre… WHY?
[11:41 PM, 11/16/2017] Chiradeep: Not to fall down though… But to rise up… Will take time
[11:41 PM, 11/16/2017] Kuljeet: Good keep up the spirit..things will have to get normal.. Yaar, it’s natural to falter when we hit a roadblock…  Just don’t let yourself fall…
[11:42 PM, 11/16/2017] Chiradeep: No… I won’t… I am holding Him.
[11:43 PM, 11/16/2017] Kuljeet: 😊
[11:43 PM, 11/16/2017] Kuljeet: I admire the confidence you have in God..
[11:44 PM, 11/16/2017] Chiradeep: As I said I have been experiencing Him since my birth or since I had the knowledge of Him
[11:45 PM, 11/16/2017] Kuljeet: Good.. He will help you through this crisis also..

This is actually our routine topic whenever we get the time to chit chat with each other.  As you all can make out that the discussion was not a very pleasant one but we concluded in a positive note… We went back to sleep with a hope that the Creator will calm down the storms that we are facing in our everyday life soon.

I stumbled upon this video which is amazingly presented and might encourage all of us to hold fast to our Trust in the Lord.

What excited me in the above video is the scripture portion that has been quoted:

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.

Friends! A hope and expectancy on the almighty will always make us to live a victorious life whatever situation that we come across in our lives.

Stay inspired and stay blessed!