I strongly believe that people who hide their age or are upset about growing up are the ones who are not satisfied with their lives. These wrinkles and the signs of ageing are nothing but a sign of a life well lived. The fact that people want to get rid of these wrinkles really baffles me. I wonder what these cosmetic companies are trying to sell when they come up marketing lines like – “Fight 7 signs of ageing”, “Get rid of the wrinkles”, “Preserve that sculpted look of 20s”. First question that most people ask is “Is it really possible?” and I wonder why on earth someone would want to fight ageing anyway.

I believe that every age has its own charm. The stress-free childhood, fun and complicated teenaged life, probably the best time of everybody’s life is the early adulthood, then the hard working mid age and beyond that the old age which is often connected with boredom. The lifetime till a person turns 25 is when he or she wants to grow up. Teenagers usually want to be considered adults. The lifetime beyond 25 is when a person wants to retain the same energy and the looks of the 25 year old self. I was watching a movie where woman in her late 30s tells her friend that she hates it when men of her age hit on the girls 15 years younger than her. That made me think that character in the movie already had her set of fun of getting attention from men when she was younger, why does she wants to retain it when she has passed that age?

Energy levels do go down with old age but it all depends how well your lifestyle is since the younger age. When I see people much older than me doing amazing social work, going for adventures and travelling the world, I look forward to that age too. Isn’t it amazing to have all that experience of life, nothing much to worry about and still have all that fun in life?

Anti-ageing techniques that millions of cosmetic companies and clinics are trying to sell to the world only work on single principle – make people hate themselves and when they do, offer them a solution perfectly wrapped in an expensive package. Fact is that all that they try to do is to make you hate yourself which not only makes you stressed out but makes you look even older. Mission accomplished!

Believe in yourself and your achievements in life. You have lived your life the best way you could. Whether it is about turning 30 or 40 or 80, remember life is only about being happy and satisfied. Being dis-satisfied about your looks not only damages you and your confidence but it is far more detrimental to your younger ones who look up to you. Don’t fall for this anti-ageing scam; it does nothing more than damaging your body image. Fighting ageing is like fighting time, and frankly would you really like a 40 year old woman to look half her age? Let a 40 year old you look like present you, not a younger you. Because younger you has lived her life perfectly.

One of my colleagues from Netherlands is an amazing photographer – Wim Corbijn Van Willenswaard. He has a great collection of portraits of senior people and every picture will make you think about it. Not only are those faces beautiful but they are also full wisdom and experience something that is always missing in the pictures of young people. Those eyes are still full of energy and curiosity not very different from a child’s, yet those eyes are a proof of a life well lived.