Have you seen people whose biggest weakness is Food? People who love to eat it all and cannot stop thinking about yummy food. People who eat when they are happy, stressed, upset or angry. People who find an excuse to eat something fancy every Monday because you know otherwise Monday’s are boring, every Wednesday because it is the mid of the week, every Friday because they want to celebrate and Saturday, Sunday because who eats at home on a weekend !!!

Well, if you don’t know any such person then you must meet ME. I am exactly that kind of person who loves to eat. Eats for every occasion and at every occasion. Food is well, meant for survival right? So, we are supposed to eat to stay alive. So, why not make most of it!

As for cooking – I don’t excel at that. Probably because I lose interest in eating when I am so busy cooking it. Be it burgers, pizzas, paneer tikka, subs, pastas – I love it all. Eating good food makes me happy and content. I really overdo at times which is a biggest challenge for me.

During my engineering, when I was staying in a hostel – I was known for liking the food of the mess as well which nobody else liked. Quite often when other girls used to make faces looking at the food, my reaction to the food used to be “Wow, aaj bhindi bani hai! (Wow, today is Ladies Finger)!” Other girls were always very surprised at my reaction. It is not that I used to find the food really yummy, it is just that I like the idea of eating. I have never been very particular about what taste I like or I don’t like. I like almost everything that is vegetarian and is edible.

A person like me has his/her own challenges. Weight gain is an obvious one and with that comes a lot of other complications. I am really bad at controlling my cravings. I have hired dieticians to help me with this and eventually I end up lying to her every now and then (because I want to eat junk and I know she would scold me for it), yet I am ready to pay her a hefty amount month after month as her fees. Sometimes, I really feel like a loser!

Every year I keep the fast of Karwachauth which is apparently the toughest fast in Hindu tradition. It is supposed to be for a long life of my husband. But frankly, I keep Karwachauth for myself (it really has nothing to do with my hubby). It becomes a test of my determination and self-control. To stay more than 15 hours without a drop of water or bite of food is not easy. And I do it year after year because I really want to prove it to myself that I CAN! But it is just a day in the whole year and this kind of fasting isn’t healthy.

I have struggled with dieting since ever. I do not understand how people resist that piece of chocolate or burger or fries. I have never been able to do it. For somebody like me, who struggles with resisting food – it always is a challenge to stay fit. For that I have made a few rules that I try (my best) to follow

  1. Never stop working out
  2. Drink lots of water because that reduces the cravings to a huge extent
  3. Limit junk food to a day in a week
  4. Always have nutrition bars or nuts in my bag for quick bites
  5. Avoid going to restaurants when I want to hang out with your friends
  6. When I have to go for an official outing which probably has a beautiful buffet laid out – I eat something heavy (and nutritious) before going.
  7. I try to plan my meals ahead of the day
  8. I eat really slowly so that I give enough time to my tummy to signal me when I am full.

In spite of doing all this, there are times (a lot of times) when I just give in to the temptation. Foodies like me have a great challenge ahead of them. It is not easy to reduce those tyres that form around your waist as a result of eating those yummy fries and burgers and pastas.

It is always a balancing act. One of my friends say, what is the point of working so hard when you cannot even eat what you fancy. I agree with him but at the same time I don’t want to be obese who spends a large part of her money and time in hospital getting treated for obesity related issues.

By the way, I am typing out this blog sitting in a Mcdonalds – trying out their new “Chatpata aloo naan” with Fries and Iced tea (sounds yummy, isn’t it)! Ha, I told you – food is my weakness!

Well, to all of you foodies out there – I hope you can relate to what I have written here. Don’t beat yourself up. Just make reasonable goals and take one step at a time. Being an ultimate foodie isn’t bad but it has its own consequences. So always try your best to balance and stay true to yourself.