I have some beautiful memories but some not so awesome pictures of my first trip with my hubby after marriage. Why? Here’s the  reason. In the first couple of days only we got tired of the routine of you click my picture and then I click yours. So what was the next option? Asking the passerbys to click our pic. And the result was some were out of focus or the background was not that good etc.. the general errors made if we click in a hurry. And at one stop we hired one of those professional photographers that are present at almost all heritage or tourist spots in India. He asked us to pose in such a typical Bollywood style that we abandoned the project Midway.

Sometimes I wonder if we had the selfie stick then maybe we could have saved ourselves all that hassle. But alas selfies were not in existence then.

So I would say this latest fad is quiet interesting. We get to decide how our picture is composed, make sure our eyes are not closed and decide the most flattering angle for our face etc. And there is no limit to the number of selfies we keep taking. And guys let’s accept it we all are a little bit narcissistic deep inside. We all love the likes and comments we get on Facebook or Instagram when we post our pictures.

On the flip side what is a trend these days would have been considered bad photography some 10-15 years ago. I mean just check out the groupfies or group selfies on social media sites. All you can see is huge faces, The biggest face is of the person who clicks it. At times the group is standing way behind the camera man just so that all can be captured in the selfie. There is no concept of centering or perfect background. It’s just about how many faces can be cramped in one frame. But so what the trends keep changing. Even the clothes we wear today also were not acceptable 10-15 years ago.

Recently I saw an advertisement of some Nokia phone which takes photos from the front camera and back camera simultaneously. They call it bothie. Wow now this makes us real multi-taskers. We are posing and clicking at the same time. Don’t know the real need for this other than the fact that people are getting more and more creative to sell their products. Makes me wonder what next?

Things take an ugly turn when trends become obsession. The obsession to take a perfect selfie has driven many people to dangle from ledges, walk into traffic or fall off into rivers or get swept away by the sea. I really don’t understand why people throw away plain common sense into the dustbin and behave like crazy people. This craze for doing something different and getting maximum likes on the social media is really dangerous. When we are concentrating on the selfie we don’t realize where we are stepping. So guys take care. Exercise caution. There is  nothing more important than life itself.

Keep pouting and clicking and enjoy but remember safety comes first in whatever you do.

Smile please…