I always carry my 📷 for trips, in some groups, they call me the ‘official photographer‘, the downside to it is, I capture pictures of everyone, but I won’t be there in any of those. There are some people who gracefully say, “let me take a picture of you”,that is when the problems start, first – I am camera shy, second – since they are operating my camera most of the time I am giving instructions on how to take a picture, third – consciously I am waiting for the sound of the click to unfreeze myself, the result is a not so good picture. 

Let me share with you the funny moment I often experience. Subject, exposure, positioning of the subject in the scene are very important for a good picture. I know that others may not have an idea to balance these, so I usually make them stand in the scene, do the settings, take a picture and show it to them, so that they can do the same, all they have to do is hold the camera and click !! When I am the subject 90% of people are no where close to how their picture was, sometimes it brings a smile on to my face, anyway, I finally end up with no picture of mine with that surroundings. 

I don’t know who got this wonderful idea of adding a camera to the front of a mobile phone, thanks to him/her. It’s very handy because it’s not bulky, just by holding in one hand, at the press of a button I have my picture. As someone rightly said, a photographer should know how to take a selfie if their picture has to be taken!! 

Most of my problems are solved with the advent of selfie. I don’t have to request another person to take a picture. I can position myself aptly for the scene, I can see what I am capturing, if I don’t like it, I can click many times till I do. Since I am the one taking the picture, I don’t feel shy anymore. Of course, a selfie looks different than a picture captured by someone else, but for me, it totally works…

When I am with group of friends or family, capturing a groupie(ussie), makes me satisfied in two ways, I am the photographer and I get to be in the frame too !! 

Couple of years ago, I had an accident in the kitchen while I was on business trip in the US. I took some selfies on my friend’s request, may be he was worried, I had burns all over my face and hands. It made me feel so better that someone is caring for me from other side of the world, I tried to portray myself strong in the pictures so that I don’t scare him of, it boosted my confidence. 

Few months later I did skydiving when my face still had dark scars from the burns, all the selfies captured on go-pro show the marks of the accident I had. It took more than an year for me to completely recover, but those selfies, ah, even today they do remind me of the accident scene, the pain, the struggle and a fighter in me. Thanks to my friend, if not for him, I wouldn’t have captured any pictures or had a chance to reflect on them later. Nevertheless, it was possible because of selfies. A selfie taken at hospital while I was on my way for medical procedure made me relax, imagine, how do we ask someone else to take a picture while we’re on the hospital bed 😋

I won’t say I am obsessed with selfies, my selfies are only for those whom I am very very close to. I won’t mind taking it any time of the day, even when I look half dead. Sometimes, I do ask people to share their selfie, and when they do, it’s a feeling of being together. I can feel that connection with a person thousands of miles away. It is as if the person is with me looking into my eyes. I wish they weren’t that far, but selfie makes me forget that distance at least for a few moments. 

Last but not least, I came across a video on WhatsApp, where a man expresses that selfie is for those people who are alone, don’t have another person who can take a picture. I differ, selfies are for those who are happy and content with themselves, who can love themselves and express themselves. Selfie has a lot of positives when we put it to good use !!

By the way, my gravatar display picture of WordPress is a selfie !!!! 


  1. Dear Aastha, what precision and what a beautiful way of presenting the things that look so normal and unnoticeable in life.

    The quote: “a photographer should know how to take a selfie if their picture has to be taken!!” hit me hard as I capture moments too.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. God Bless you… ❤


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