“I need an inspiration right away… Please send me a one liner of your own to inspire me…” I gave a task to my co-authors in the group and few others two days ago and they sent me following the lines:

“What have you done so far.”

“At least I have these people in my life!”

“Even in tough times hold my hand in yours and heart in mine.”

“Lofty are the mountains, loftier still are my dreams.”

“Every morning when you wake up, among the million things that pull u back, look for the one thing or thought that takes you towards your goal.”

“Be the best in your own eyes, rest of the world will not matter.”

“You are not ‘Everyone’, you are WHAT you Are.”

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”

“Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile.”

“The world has many contagious thing, smile and success is one of the many.”

“Speaking the truth in love…”

“We may not be perfect but we are certainly not useless… We are God’s most wonderful creation designed in His image.”

“Know your worst fears, know your worst enemies, know your darkest secrets and then confront them all; that’s how you build on your worth and your strength.”

Now you may ask why I performed this exercise and why am I mentioning them in an article on a completely different subject…

All of the above statements were either written by themselves or taken from someone else… But all the statements reflect their feelings, their expressions and represent their psyche in connection with me or about themselves or about the situation they are going through. These are all Invisible Selfies of themselves.

I really want to appreciate all of them for sending me such beautiful inspirations. 🙂 And the above one is a ‘Video Selfie’ for expressing my gratitude.

A ‘Selfie’ always declares a person’s present state of appearance. How does a person look at one particular time? A Selfie gives the answer.

I love to take selfies… Why? Not because I am self-obsessed or NOT to post it on FB showing how handsome I look or how beautiful or expensive my clothes are… but to send them to my loved ones to let them know my present ‘state of appearance’ making them feel about the distant and real me. And I do expect them to send their selfies too to know their present state of appearance.

In my group there are many who are quick to send their selfies including me but some are extremely pushy or rocky or unshakeable. If you ask a selfie from them they behave in such a way as if I have asked their eyes or nose etc. 😉

I have one friend. She simply sent her morning selfie when I was in the hospital. And that gesture really touched me.


Usually females don’t like to send their selfies early in the morning when they look shabby and without make up. They always like to look good and presentable before capturing themselves. They are very cautious and conscious. But she wasn’t. She wasn’t formal. She just wanted her real-present-state of appearance to be reflected to a close friend like me. I thanked her for that informality.

Now let’s talk about the spouses who are far from each other… Don’t you think it’s so beautiful to send selfies to each other letting each other know how they look at that particular time…? A selfie from each other when they are missing each other so desperately makes them feel loved and brings a delightful glee on their faces. Lovely, isn’t it?

Sometimes when I send a selfie to Aastha… she would immediately react like a sister saying, “Dada, you look tired… Take rest”, “Dada, that shirt doesn’t suit you”, “Dada, ask Bhabi to smile” and so on… I do the same when she or someone else sends me a selfie too.

My psyche behind a selfie is expressing myself to my loved ones… And it’s not that bad at all if handled well; in moderation and with wisdom. There will be many more views to ‘Selfie’ which we will be reading in the subsequent days of the week.

So friends! Keep capturing and sending selfies, keep expressing… But be CAREFUL!

Stay Blessed!!!


    1. Thanks dear Sumedha. When we started discussing about this topic we thought it will be difficult to get 7 different articles out of the same topic: Selfie & Psyche. But if you read the next articles in the following days from other authors you will be amazed to see how they have such varied ideas on it.

      Thanks for visiting and leaving your valuable feedback.

      Regards, CP

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      1. The variety it garnered is obviously not a very shocking outcome considering how mixed people’s opinions are regarding this. Some regard is as an unnecessary fad and others consider them to be a timeline of events. Both parties aren’t wrong on their takes. I personally maintain the clichéd ‘every coin has two sides’ theory. That’s why it’s such a great topic to choose.


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