Recently, I asked my friend Sheetal, “What is your understanding on ‘Being Emotional’?” And she replied, “Being emotional for me means I understand everything deeply and the purpose of the situation too.”

Isn’t she very true?

I completely believe in her statement as I am a very emotional person. Though I pretend at times that – ‘it’s okay!’…with a plastic smile but the inside story contradicts it completely.

Last year I was at Park Street traffic and a small boy knocked on my cab window requesting me to buy one balloon…as my eyes fell on that guy the first thought that sprouted in me was, “What if I was in his condition today!”

That thought not only emotionally inclined me with his situation but also humbled me before God and reminded me not to defame my character by taking easy exits of life.

Emotion always paves the way to incline with the situation or the person’s situation in order to retrospect our life and develop Godly standards within us.

“Emotions are our Strength…”

One of the biggest combat plans is “identifying the strengths of your enemy”. We human beings are framed in a mortal structure with an immortal image within us and the biggest agenda of the devil is to skillfully strike on our strength and denigrate our immortal image.

Few years back a very elderly English speaking man came to my house asking for financial help. At the beginning of the conversation I was very much impressed by his gesture and moreover his story literally brought me to emotions and after 20 minutes I gave him Rs. 100 in a very humble way. As he departed, with a heavy heart I prayed for him. After 15 days again the same man came to my house with two rotten bags and a walk-stick in his hand and asked me money. Though I felt like he is taking advantage of my emotions still I thought let me go further and help him, if he is taking advantage then God will take care of it. But as the days went on the old man started regularly visiting my house and even in my absence he started emotionally forcing my parents for money. Finally, after 2 months of this drama I decided to have straight talk with him and in his next visit I gave him Rs. 20 with warning not to visit us again.  

The Bible says,

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves.

Therefore be as wise as snakes and as innocent as doves”.

Being emotionally driven is very good but at the same time we need to safeguard our goodness, our emotions using the God given wisdom and knowledge as the people of these world are like wolves. At times when we see people taking advantage of our emotions we need to draw a line then there. It will hurt them and us as well but we need to remember, “scars and pain on both sides are obvious while taming a horse”.

“Being emotional is good but safeguarding the goodness is more necessary…”


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