Emotions are one of the most complicated actions of a human body.

For me, they are the window of my thoughts. There are millions of thoughts that run in our minds all the time. Every image we see, every sound we hear, everything we touch, every smell that goes in – triggers a thought. Most of them are not even registered in our conscious minds. Thoughts switch from one context to another all the time unless you are really concentrating on one thing.

Law of attractions say that negative thoughts attract negativity in our lives and positive thoughts attract positivity. Which means that in order to have a positive life we need to keep track of our thoughts. That sounds like a lot of work. Now, is it really possible to keep track of these thoughts? I bet, NO. It would drain us in mentally if we had to do that.

Then how do we make sure that our thoughts really are positive? Through emotions. Emotions act as a window into our brain. Feeling good, happy, relieved, victorious, healthy are all the signs that you have majorly good thoughts. Feeling sad, angry, guilty, upset, bored are all signs that you have majorly negative thoughts.

Thoughts breed its own kind. Have you ever experienced going down spirally into a big dark abyss of negativity. It starts with something small and then more and more negative incident starts to happen around us and just when we think that this is worse – something even worst happens. That one small negative incident just sparks a fire that goes uncontrollably in all directions destroying all the positivity around it. Nobody wants to be in this situation – yet it happens to almost all of us some times.

To avoid going down spirally – it is important to keep an eye on this window of thoughts “Emotions”. If you are feeling negative, you feel that way because your thoughts are negative. How can you turn that around? Of course, it is not possible to keep track of your thoughts but it is definitely possible to consciously change the direction of thoughts. Think of a baby, listen to your favorite song, watch that movie you love, talk to a person who makes you happy, do something to turn that negative thought around. Keep doing it till you start feeling good. Because if you let your emotions be on auto-pilot – you mostly land in big dark abyss of negativity.

Does it mean that you should control your emotions and not let them out? No, that is not what I mean. Sometimes letting the emotion out is the only way to get rid of the negative thoughts. So be it. Let it out. Cry, shout, scream, do whatever it takes to get the negative feeling out of your system. But make sure you do it safely. Don’t let your emotions out in front of people who will only mock you or take advantage of you.

For me, the solution is mostly the same. Every time I end up in an argument either at work or home, as soon as I feel my anger or upset is taking over and driving me insane – I just ask people to pause the argument till next day or something. I wear my running shoes and go for jog either in gym or outside (depending on the situation). Most of the time I cry while running and I cry hard. Sometimes I even end up screaming (if there aren’t any people around). After all my energies are drained and I am physically and mentally tired – I just go off to sleep. When I wake up after all this, I feel fresh and rejuvenated. In my experience, whenever I have returned to the same argument after a workout and sleep – the argument never remains an argument. It mostly is a small discussion with smiles and apologies (and hugs and kisses). This has worked for me every single time.

The main challenge is to take pause in an argument. We usually get so involved in a fight and proving ourselves right is more important than anything. Taking a pause from the argument really becomes a challenge in such cases. But once that pause happens, I know what I have to do to get rid of this negative situation.

So, what is your solution? Do you have one? Do you let your emotions on an auto-pilot or do you keep checking them? Even if you check them, how do you switch to a positive note from a negative one?

Think and re-think. Emotions are complicated but they can simplified a great deal if you have a good strategy in place.